Eye diseases in hamsters

Due to the natural features of the eye disease in hamsters are very common.A hamster can easily injure it or chop due to the late blink response. The Central zone of the cornea badly washed by tears, a little moistened, so that even minor trauma can lead to ulcers. Hamsters are active at night and are not adapted to bright light. A bright camera flash or direct sunlight can damage eyesight hamsters, and already weak.

Due to the small size of the pet and independent character, the problem, the owner often finds in an advanced stage: the hamster one eye closed, or both eyelids glued together with pus, one more than the other and so on.


Little darlings for a reason forbidden to run around the apartment without the special ball. Animals can get injured, even while in the cell, including damage to the organ of vision. For injuries characterized by the loss of one eye. The hamster can get hurt in a fight when sharing the contents of animals, or stumble upon a sharp piece of straw in the manger.

Wound of cornea

When the damage is fresh, to understand what it is difficult to have a hamster her eyes, he narrows his eyes, does not look flushed whether eye. Animal can't say about it, but after the eye injury really hurts. Pain changes behavior: a pet becomes nervous, inactive, hiding. When wound of the cornea or other structures quickly superimposed secondary infection, pus appears. Eyes sour, and the problem becomes obvious.

When the hamster is festering eyes and not open, it for inspection, you must first clean the eyelids. Cannot be used for this liquid is not safe for mucous membranes of the eyes, such as hydrogen peroxide. If stuck together the eye, the eyelids do not disconnect the power, and patiently soaked. The best harmless means – warm saline solution or boiled water.

Use sterile gauze or a cotton pad. You can't take normal cotton wool: fine fiber remains on the eyelids and eyelashes causing irritation. In order not to carry infection, need separate pads, at least two.

To heal scratches on the cornea may form a scar, then noticed the hamster on the eye white spot.

Sometimes after removal of pus and inspection, the wound is found on the eyelid, and the eye piece. Then on the wound twice a day applied eye ointment with an antibiotic (Tetracycline). To use a normal ointment impossible.


In addition to the wounds on the eyelids can occur only on a local abscess, known as barley. The ulcer may look like a pimple, the seal on the edge of the eyelid. Appear redness and soreness. After the cone is opened, the pus drains out and recovery occurs. If the hamster festers eyes, bury antibacterial drops or ointment applied. You can open the ripe abscess with a sterile needle to speed up the process.

Blunt trauma

If the animal accidentally crushed, as well as in the fall with hands or furniture, it is possible blunt trauma to the eye, accompanied by damage to the structures of the organ of vision, and hemorrhage. A few hours after the accident, the blood settles, and the eye looks red. Hemophthalmus (blood in the vitreous body) is accompanied by loss of vision.

In home to determine how much the pet has damaged my eyes, but if after the fall the hamster got out of the eye, the prognosis is poor. First aid – cold (tissue paper moistened with saline solution) and an antibacterial ointment to prevent drying of the cornea, if the hamster had swollen eyes so that the animal cannot close the eyelids.


Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eyes occurs in hamsters the most. Usually affects not one but both eyes.


  • mechanical trauma;
  • the ingress of sand, dust (low-quality litter, walk through the apartment);
  • irritation by chemicals, gases (ammonia in the toilet corner, household chemicals, hairspray);
  • infection (viruses, bacteria);
  • allergies.

Allergy and eye irritation dust selection will be transparent. When infection is cloudy and then purulent (greenish, yellow). Conjunctivitis the hamster is always complicated by bacterial infection, especially where there are infrequent changes of bedding. Then you can see that the hamster fester eyes.

Symptoms of eye problems inflammatory nature is always the same:

  • the expiration of a different nature;
  • signs of pain;
  • fear of bright light, squinting eyes;
  • appearance changes (increase or decrease of the eyeball, swelling of the eyelids).


For injuries of the eyeball and conjunctivitis in hamsters treatment will be similar.

The conditions of detention

Litter is replaced with white paper towels. Hay and sawdust is removed from the cell. Maintained clean, accessories are disinfected with hot water and soap. Put the cage in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight or artificial bright light.


The selection deleted as required (3-4 times a day) with a sterile swab. Use warm fluids: normal saline or aqueous solution furatsilina in purulent secretions. If there is no improvement, the question arises: what to do if your hamster is festering eyes. In the case when after a couple of days washing furatsilina expiry continues to apply drops with a broad-spectrum antibiotic: Floksal or Tobrex 1 drop in each eye 4-6 times a day for 5 days.

Eye drops not stored for a long time, being open. After the treatment, record the date of first use on the bottle or throw it away. Expired drops will not help the pet, therefore, found somewhere in the medicine Cabinet Levomicetinom apply a drop makes no sense.

Popular washing tea brewing, decoction of chamomile – it's not a cure, but only a hygienic procedure. In a situation when the pet has swollen eyes, it is better to ask the veterinarian what to do and how to treat it.

Systemic antibiotics (Baytril) do not make sense when the hamster has sore eyes. The eyeball is impervious to antibiotics and other substances (gematoentsefalichesky barrier). Even when severe purulent process in the most effective local treatment: eye drops.

Night rare the owner is willing to wash and bury the eyes of a sick pet, therefore, in purulent conjunctivitis in the morning my hamster opens his eyes: eyelids glued together with secretions. If you expect a big gap between the treatments, abundantly lay drops instead of ointment with the same antibiotic (ointment Floksal).

In the absence of treatment and the through injury develops anophthalmic – purulent inflammation of the whole eye. Then the only measure is removal of the eyeball by suturing the eyelids. Gungari may even die when such a problem, but most of the eye leaks out and the animal gradually recovers himself. Enucleation practice, when eyeball fell out with injury.

Not an inflammatory disease


If the hamster was getting blurry eyes, it could be a cataract – a violation of metabolism in the lens. The disease leads to blindness. Eye drops are not effective, and the surgery is not carried out, no Junggar, no larger Syrian hamsters. When the owner notices that the hamster has white eyes, is a reason to see a doctor, despite the fact that there is no treatment. Cataract the hamster is a sign of old age, decrepitude of the body, and Jungaria or hamster the Campbell – an indirect sign of diabetes. In both cases, treatment of the underlying disease, to extend the life of the pet.

A thorn on the surface of the cornea not cataract, and the effects of trauma, scar. Cataract something light is seen deep in the pupil area.


An increase in intraocular pressure is accompanied not only by increase and bulging of the eyeballs, but a strong pain. The diagnosis of glaucoma doctor gives you after measuring the pressure in the eye. To normalize it drops is not possible, the only treatment is enucleation to stop the pain. If you do not take anything, the eyes will eventually burst.
It is difficult to say why there is such a pathology. Because often sick hamsters, the Campbell, rarely Jungaria and never the Syrians, suggesting a genetic (hereditary) nature.


Small lump on the eyelid the hamster may be a tumor. Cancer can also be the reason that one eye suddenly became more other. Decorative rodents prone to cancer and effective treatment in such cases is not.


Even if you thoroughly know how to treat a hamster who has inflamed eyes, don't neglect a visit to a specialist. In addition to wounds and infection it is necessary to exclude other problems. Catalog will help you understand why hamster not opening eyes: perhaps the eye in order, and inflamed cheek pouch or there is a problem with teeth ("flux"). Self-medication is also unacceptable in a deterioration of the General condition: if the animal is lethargic, his eyes closed, and there is also the expiration from the nose, likely the hamster got sick with "flu", respiratory infection.


Eye diseases in hamsters
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