Hamster lying motionless: causes

About small life expectancy of hamsters , they know everything.Indeed, the presence of breathing indicates that the animal is still alive.

Before you run to the vet, you need to try to understand – why the pet is no traffic. Pay attention to other signs: closed eyes, as is often the rodent's breathing. If the eyelids are closed, and his breathing calm, maybe the hamster just sleeps.

Violations associated with temperature control

If previously healthy animal suddenly fell into a coma, it is possible that this hibernation. Breathing will be quite rare, and the pet is cold to the touch. In nature drugarice hibernate in winter, waiting out the cold, hunger, and short daylight hours.

Low room temperature

If the apartment had heat in my house, or you several days didn't feed the hamster, before leaving on vacation, it could cause the daze. Body cold, heart – beyond rare (1 beat in 15 seconds). Sleeping hamster barely breathing, because of the small size it is difficult to understand whether there is any breathing. But if the body remains soft, the rodent is not dead. To awaken the animal, the cage placed in a warm room (more than 20), fill the feeder and drinker. The hamster should Wake up in 2-3 days.

High temperature

The Dzungarian hamster inhabits the steppes and even in the Syrian semi-desert, but both species are extremely sensitive to high temperature and direct sunlight. The tiny nocturnal rodents with dense fur no protection from overheating – they don't sweat, don't breathe through their mouths like dogs. Thermal shock mortally dangerous for them.

Signs of hyperthermia:

  • hamster not moving and breathing heavily;
  • weakness;
  • cramps;
  • violation of coordination of movements.

Overheating in acute heart failure leading to the death of a pet. Death may occur immediately, but within a couple of days due to the failure of all organs, if the temperature is increased so that the blood and bodies curled whites (at 44).

Situations in which there is a danger of heat stroke:

  • transportation vehicle;
  • cage on the window sill or balcony on the street (the sun);
  • near a radiator;
  • in a stuffy room with high humidity.

It is difficult to understand why the hamster is lying on its side and breathing heavily, if at the time the master returned the sun had gone and light the cage.

Treatment for heat or sun stroke

To transport the pet to the clinic by heat or sun stroke is not the best solution, the time for first aid to be missed. What can be done without the help of a veterinarian to help your pet:

To reduce the temperature

First aid – cool the body, but not too dramatically: to ice, to take the hamster into the water is prohibited! The animal lay on the tile or ceramic dish, or a moist towel. Gently moisten with cool water, the ears and paws.

Fight against dehydration

Heat stroke occurs very often in the absence of access to fresh drinking water. When the animal is unconscious, he can't use the drinker. However, to use of the syringe hamster is dangerous: he won't swallow the liquid gets into the lungs, causing breathing difficulties and causing pneumonia.

Liquid (sterile ringer solution or sodium chloride) is administered subcutaneously 4-8 ml of Syrian and 2 ml of Djungarian hamsters.

Shock treatment

Although all potent medications better to use a doctor's prescription, in the situation of acute overheating hamster to the reception of cataloga may not live. If you think that has nothing to lose, it should be injected intramuscular (in hind leg) prednisolone 30 mg/ml with an insulin syringe. Jungaria dose is 0.05 ml, the Syrian — 0,1 ml.

The prognosis is poor: the pet may die

The survival of the pet can depend on how much time he spent under the influence of high temperature. If a hamster did not die immediately, on the first day after overheating the owner often notices that the hamster leans to the side and could barely walk. Neurological disorders associated with cerebral edema, and if the pet survives, the coordination of movements will gradually recover.

Other diseases

Often, if a hamster breathes "out of the blue" without being scared or tired, it indicates respiratory or cardiac failure.


It is necessary to listen to the tiny animal breath – wheezing, gurgling, wheezing indicate lung problems. If recently was discharge from the nose, and the hamster was lethargic and reluctant to eat, this can be inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia). The animal simply nothing to breathe, so he tries not to move and freezes in one place.

Treatment consists of antibiotic therapy for small rodents traditionally used Baytril of 2.5% at a dose of 0.4 ml per 1 kg of mass (for dsungarica weighing 50 grams, it is 0.01 ml). Do injections subcutaneously 1 time a day for 10-14 days.

The agony

If the hamster lying motionless with eyes open and breathing heavily, and before that, was sick for a few days, he dies. Rodent in agony not to help even the most experienced veterinarian will only be able to stop suffering by euthanasia of the animal.

Remember, if a hamster wet wool in the tail (a sign of diarrhea), sudden increase in the contours of the abdomen or sudden weight loss. Metabolism in hamsters is very fast, so being sick for a long time they can't: without proper treatment or in the case of severe problems of "burn" for a few days.


Decorative hamsters have fragile health, and yet the animal can live his entire short life, no aching. For this you need to observe some simple rules of feeding and maintenance. In the case of unforeseen circumstances you need to know in advance where to go to the reception with a rodent – General practitioners will not be able to provide expert assistance. And don't be discouraged if the hamster is not moving but breathing: perhaps all is not lost.

Hamster lying motionless: causes
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