Skin diseases in hamsters: scab, scab, dermatofitos

Pets too can get sick, including various skin diseases.Usually the scab hamsters get sick in the warm season – spring and summer. The disease can be transmitted by contact with unhealthy animals and through insect bites, contaminated feed, cages, equipment, through the owner, not hygiene.

Scab is manifested in the form of scaly white plaque at the base of the ears, on the tip of the nose, eyebrows pet, rarely on other parts of the body. The lesions round in shape, can reach a diameter of half an inch. The affected areas are covered with gray bubbles, which grow and then form a crust with a few hairs in the center.



Scab has a characteristic external signs by which it can be distinguished from other diseases, but accurate diagnosis requires microscopic examination.

Ill Pets must be isolated because of the high infectivity of the disease. Mandatory measures for improvement of sanitary and hygienic measures ensuring good provetrivateli of the room. After isolation of sick animals cages, equipment, floors and surrounding surfaces are treated with disinfectants.

Affected areas patients of Djungarian cleaned of scabs and scales, pre-softened neutral fats or oils. Lesions daily until recovery are treated with tincture of iodine in equal proportions with alcohol solutions creolin, Lysol, salicylic or picric acid, glycerin.


The disease is caused by a group of fungi-pathogens that feed on dead hair and skin cells. Hamsters dermatofitos looks like flaky dry patches of gray. The man is in the form of a ring of red spots with a scaly edge and healthy skin in the center. Sick dermatofitosis not only hamsters, and other animals and people. The source of infection may even become dust. The risk of infection in different people and Pets varies, depends on the immunity and hygienic conditions.



Treatment of the disease is simple, but it needs to appoint a veterinarian, searching suitable drugs depending on the type of pathogen and the region. This is usually external products: aerosol somecol, ointments Yam or fungin, chlorhexidine solution, or oral drugs, such as griseofulvin.

The complexity represents the duration of treatment and disinfection of the premises, as spores viable up to 4 years.

The vet will help you choose a suitable disinfectant for the detected type of dermatophyte.

Treatment can be performed up to 1-2 months. A month later, after diagnosis you must make a second sowing to identify the causative agent and, if necessary, continue therapy.


Ringworm from the Dzungarian hamster is caused by a fungus Trichophyton tonsurans. Trichophytosis-affected people and other domestic and wild animals. The disease can strike all year round, a little less in the hot summer weather. A big role in spreading the playing conditions and the compliance with the hygienic requirements. Dense content, high humidity, dirt and dampness in the cells significantly increases the number of affected animals.

Contribute to defeat grazes, bites and scratches, making it easier to hit the spores in the epidermis.

The incubation period is long, up to one month.

Spores are very resistant to physical or chemical attack. Being of wool, the scales and crusts, at room temperature, they remain viable for several years, without reacting to the sunlight and not dying from low temperatures.

Hamsters zoster manifests as multiple small lesions on the neck, head and limbs. On the balding areas of the skin, the hairs appear broken off or trimmed, scabs appear.



Deprive the Syrian hamster treated in the same way as with the defeat of the scab. It is important to take responsibility for the treatment, as improper treatment depriving hamsters disease can go running in the chronic form. For correct diagnosis it is necessary to carry out cytological analysis in the conditions of veterinary clinics.

In the case of the detection of disease carried out inspection of all the animals living in the house. Sick Pets are isolated and subjected to compulsory treatment, others go into quarantine for 3 weeks. Compulsory sanitation of all premises in the places of residence and visiting animals. The most effective means for this purpose are sulfur-a mixture of carbolic and formalin solution.


When misuse of shingles can quickly progress to chronic form and chase the hamster entire short life.

To exclude relapse and prevention it is important to maintain the immunity of the pet. A strong immune system ensures compliance with several important conditions:

  • a proper balanced diet;
  • additional provision of vitamins in the winter-spring period;
  • immunization against major serious diseases;
  • compliance with the rules of hygiene.

Prevention, correct and timely treatment of a pet will help to get rid of the disease without consequences and prevent contamination of household.

Skin diseases in hamsters: scab, scab, dermatofitos
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