The causes of itching in hamsters

Hamsters – clean animals, they often wash up and tidy fur.If a hamster is itching, and the skin and coat of your pet look healthy, itch – symptom of psychological discomfort. When the hamster rubs its back against the bars of the cage and other items, he marks the territory with its smell. If you think that gungari itches often, watch him. A couple of times per hour is not a pathology but a natural behavior of the animal.

Possible causes of stress:

If the pet lived in the house recently, give him a couple of weeks to adapt. You can not put your hand in the cage at a time when the animal is inside. It is not recommended to take his hand out of the cage. The careful contact of the rodent with the owner should be voluntary.

Knowing why hamsters are itchy in nature, it is easier to distinguish between pathological itching and instinctive behavior of a healthy animal. Odoriferous glands in Syrian hamsters are on the sides, and the dwarf on his stomach. If Djungarian hamster itchy stomach on the floor of the cage he's marking territory.


Allergies can be food contact. Food occurs when improper feedingwhen the hamster gets food "from the table" – sweet foods, nuts, strawberries and other exotic Goodies. Contact – household chemicals, filler (sawdust of coniferous trees). If the animal is sitting in the owner's hands, allergic it can have on perfume.

Allergy affects not only the skin of the animal ears blush, appear transparent discharge from the eyes, nose, animal can sneeze.

Treatment does not require the use of antihistamines, suffice it to identify and remove the cause. The litter substitute white paper towel, clean from a diet all the excess.


Fungal diseases of the skin itching is moderate, but the defeat of wool characterized by patches of baldness a rounded shape, with scabs and dandruff. If hair is broken off. The disease is chronic and treatment should be extended. Prescribe external treatments: cream Nizoral, Triderm 2 times a day 10-14 days, spray Fungin. The trouble is that a rodent licks the medication.


If the hamster attack the fleas, lice or vlasiei – itch is strong. Hamster itch and bites itself, may be aggressive, to jump from painful bites. These parasites can be seen under a magnifying glass. Blasedale pet can get at the pet store from other animals, or through litter and hay.

Ear mange (otodectosis in)

In case of defeat ear mites hamster selectively itchy, tearing the rear legs of the ear. In the eye visible dark coating, a rodent may shake his head, tilt it to one side.

ear mange

Scabies (mites)

The most common cause of itching in hamsters is infection by different species of parasitic mites: the sarcoptic mange, notoedres, demodicosis. If untreated, the disease takes over the body. The hamster is constantly itching, damaging the skin. The skin is inflamed, the hair falls out. The extensive areas of baldness on the skin scratching, sores, dandruff. If the hamster scratched himself to blood, wounds infected, can fester. The disease causes the animal great suffering and without treatment leads to death due to exhaustion. Disturbed eating, an impossible dream.

This files most often have hamsters register demodicosis. Pet does not always become infected from other animals, and maybe since birth to be a carrier of parasites. Asymptomatic, "latent" form of the disease aktiviziruyutsya due to stress or for no apparent reason. To get sick from this, can any hamster, even in "sterile" conditions.

To cure scabies in an adult rodent is not easy. In generalized form, the skin of the hamster looks like a solid wound covered with crusts, the hair is missing. Conducted a course of ivermectin injection ("ivomec", otodectin). For small animals the otodectin, this is 0.1 % (not 1%) solution of ivermectin. A minimum of 2 injections with an interval of 10 days (dose 0.2 ml per 1 kg), sometimes up to 6 injections. You can hold the outer handles fipronil (spray for rodents "bars").

scabies hamster


Not every veterinarian knows what to do when a hamster is itching. Better find out in advance whether the clinic is a specialist in rodents, catalog. If the hamster all the time scratching the skin or just itchy – clinic visit cannot be avoided. The doctor will take the following algorithm for diagnosis:

  • medical history: analysis of the diet and conditions of detention;
  • examination in a dark room with wood's lamp. In the blue light of the ultraviolet lamp some fungi glow green, the white areas indicate inflammation of the skin. A wood's lamp may reveal ringworm (fungal infections), show a common skin condition;
  • scraping and inoculation of the nutrient medium is performed in cases of suspected ringworm;
  • deep scraping of the skin.

In the affected area and definitely on the border of healthy and sick skin area take the material for microscopy. Brown, the hairs and deep scraping of the skin. The procedure is often terrifying to the owner: the skin is scraped until the appearance of drops of blood. However, this allows you to get a lot of information: if under the microscope the mites will be visible and you can even get a sort of parasite.

If the sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange the it is difficult to see mites in the scraping – so deep in the dermis they live. Therefore, a negative result does not exclude diagnosis the diagnosis of "acariasis".


The diet and conditions of detention

Regardless of the diagnosis, a thorough briefing on the diet. Eliminated all possible allergens for quick healing of the skin, give flax seed.

The cage and accessories are disinfected, bedding changed on paper towels. Definitely single player content and at peace.

The fight against reason

When ectoparasites (fleas, Vlady, lice), ear and regular scabies is assigned to ivermectin, or other insecticides. When lichen – fungal drugs. It is important to observe the duration and frequency of the assigned treatments.

What to do: soak and bathe the animal, to self-medicate. Even if you are sure that the animal parasites, the dosage of drugs is better to check with a physician. Many drugs are toxic to these tiny rodents like the Syrian or Djungarian hamster.


Such diagnoses as scabies, ringworm, head lice can be confirmed by laboratory tests. Allergies or stress can only assume, by excluding all other possible causes of itching. So take the time to put allergies in pet, which suddenly began to brush the sides. More than 80% of skin lesions in small rodents is acariasis, a parasite in the skin by microscopic mites.

The causes of itching in hamsters
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