Why hamster sneezes

Hamster healthy produces not much sounds – scratching in the litter and creaking wheel.With a sharp exhale leaves slime and small particles, and microorganisms. Sneezing and coughing – involuntary responses based on reflexes. Therefore "simulate" a pet can not, we must look for the cause of the symptoms.



Allergic reactions in rodents much more likely to manifest as rhinitis and conjunctivitis, and not skin problems. New products in the diet, filler (pine shavings or colored napkins), toys. To understand why a hamster is sneezing, analyze what has changed in the habitat. Then return the old setting and see whether the animal better.


If nose get smaller particles or corrosive aerosols, pet will begin to sneeze. This explains why the hamster sniffs after walking around the apartment and inhaled a lot of dust in the corners. Irritating to the respiratory system and improper bathing sand – volcanic or talc in the composition. Hairspray, other aerosols, and any strong smell (paint, household chemicals) irritate the sensitive nasal mucosa.

In this case, sneezing is terminated with the disappearance of the stimulus, to discover that is easy. If rodent sneezes and cheeps only after he sat on his hands, this can be caused by perfumes and other cosmetics.

Colds (viral respiratory infection)

When the pet was taken into the street, washed, or left in a cage in the draft, sneezing is the consequence of a cold. Hypothermia contributes to viral infections, and the hamster starts snot. If the animal sneezes, and squeaks, but eats well and is very active, to worry about before. Often recovery occurs after a few days. When rhinitis hamster constantly sneezing, but not coughing.

Bronchitis and pneumonia

Pneumonia – a serious illness that can cause death of the rodent. Pneumonia is different from the common cold. Features:

  • purulent discharge from the nose;
  • breathing is difficult: the animal is breathing with a whistling sound, often with a visible effort;
  • reduced or absent appetite;
  • lethargy, apathy;
  • blue tinge to the mucous membranes.

Feature of rodents is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract may go on to pneumonia in less than a day.

When sneezes and sniffles tiny jungert, digital chest x-ray can help to distinguish pneumonia from the common cold. The need in the case of a wheezing noise while breathing to rule out cancer processes (lung metastases).

The owner must be attentive to all strange sounds, which publishes a rodent. If the pet is "chirp" and not sneezes and squeaks, it can be cough. With spastic contractions of the diaphragm, the owner does not understand why the hamster has the hiccups, while tiny gungari experiencing a coughing fit. Sometimes hamsters can and just hiccup, especially from overeating. But in this case, their health does not deteriorate.

Other reasons

If the Syrian hamster is like sneezes and emits a squeaking sound, only seeing the master, it can be not sneezing at all, but a kind greeting. In this case, the sound is short, cheerful, squeaks like a rubber toy.


First aid

Change of filler and heat. In a room maintained at a temperature of about 24 C, but the air should not be dry. In the cage put a lot of white paper towels: it is both material to the warm nest and hypoallergenic environment. If you suspect allergies also recommend a corn filler.

To enhance immunity, add some liquid vitamins for rodents and ascorbic acid, may be given a decoction of Echinacea. Give also dry nettle and mother-and-stepmother.

Eyes and nose clear of discharge damp cotton pad so the animal could breathe better. Sometimes the hamster breathing heavily from his nose, that the nostrils plastered with dried secretions.

Local treatment

Under normal rhinitis appoint local treatment: antiviral drug Roncoleukin 50 000 IU 1 drop 2 times a day and Cipromed (drops antibiotic) at the same dosage. The Syrian hamster is more of Jungaria, but drip into the nose equally difficult both during the procedure the animal is constantly twitching and spinning. You can simply place a drop of the medicine on his nose and wait until the pet will inhale the liquid. After he otvertetsya.

Systemic treatment

If you suspect a serious infection, you should consult a doctor. But in the absence of a specialist in rodents, if the hamster sneezes what to do at home known to every experienced homyakovo. Pneumonia is treated with antibiotics.

It is undesirable to use them inside, animal with a respiratory infection, it can be hard to swallow. Doing subcutaneous injections with a drug "Baytril of 2.5%". Dose — 0.4 ml (10 mg) per 1 kg of weight. If a hamster weighs 50 grams, it dose of 0.02 ml of the Drug is administered 1 time per day, in severe cases, 2 times a day, 7-14 days.


Any disease is better to prevent than to cure. Against rodents it's right in the square, as they are very difficult to treat, burning in a matter of days. Sensitive body and fast metabolism is forced to be attentive to any failure of health, even if it's just a cold.

Why hamster sneezes
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