Causes of baldness in hamsters

When charming furry pet begins to lose hair, the natural desire of an owner to quickly understand why the hamster is getting bald.When running the demodicosis animal loses up to 90% of coat. The skin looks not just naked, she's inflamed, thickened, with traces of scratching. The hamster scratched, yelp of pain, is aggressive, does not hold.

Inexperienced owners believe that Allergy is one of the most common reasons why a hamster going bald. A long time changing food and litter, they lose time and generalized demodectic mange takes form. Allergies hamsters sometimes, but more often is manifested by rhinitis and conjunctivitisthan skin problems.

When Djungarian hamster going bald, a veterinarian will begin treatment directed at subcutaneous mite, even if the parasites are not able to see the scraping of the skin. Good scraping is difficult to have a nimble little rodent, which did not really fix.

scabies hamster

Treatment: Otodectes (0.1% ivermectin) subcutaneously with an interval of 7-14 days, 2-4 injections up to 6 times, if the problem started form. Dose of 0.2 ml per 1 kg of body weight. The Syrian hamster weighs about 150 g, this animal doing 0,03 ml otodectin. Gungari weighs about 50 g, it dose – 0.01 ml.


For fungal skin diseases characterized by the peeling of the skin, chronic itching. The hamster, as with demodicosis, balding and itchy, but hairless areas right round, limited. The skin is not quite bare, crusted, and hair like broken off at the root. Ringworm is treated for a long time, with the help of antifungal ointments and sprays. Fortunately, it occurs rarely.

ringworm hamster

Secondary alopecia

If the animal suddenly started to go bald, and the skin looks clean and smooth, not the parasites (mites, fungi). When alopecia is not caused by problems directly with the skin, the hamster does not itch.


In the case of a limited purulent inflammation of the skin in this area becomes thinner and the hair falls out. Baldness is accompanied by a discoloration of the skin, the lesion fluctuant at palpation. The hamster abscess opened spontaneously or in a veterinary clinic.

In addition to surgical treatment required a course of antibiotics and daily rinsing of the wound with antiseptic. Appoint a "Baytril a 2.5%" 0.4 ml per 1 kg of body weight (for 0.06-0.1 ml of the Syrians and 0.02 ml of dwarfs). Injections subcutaneously, 1 time a day, 7 days.

The hair regrowth after cessation of purulent inflammation.

abscess hamster

Irritation urine

If the hamster has bald back legs and tummy, it indicates the constant contact of skin with urine. A rare change of bedding and a small cage will cause such phenomenon, but if the pet contains properly, hair loss on pelvic limbs — a sign that the hamster drinks a lot and writes a lot. Polyuria is a symptom of various diseases:

irritation of urine from the hamster

Mechanical abrasion of wool

When inappropriate conditions of detention the thick fur may fall out due to the constant mechanical action. So wiped the hair on the legs and tummy, but most often on the head, if the pioneer has a bad habit of biting the bars of the cage. Bald spot on the nose will not grow until the pet will not cease to stick his muzzle through the bars.

If there is no opportunity to relocate the rodent of the lattice cells in a terrarium, you need to offer him another object to join the ever-growing incisors. Sticks treats for hamsters in the form of solid sticks, mineral stone. One should not humanize the animal, considering that he chews on the cageto break free.

Hormonal alopecia

Sometimes to understand why hamster went bald creature will try to do an ultrasound. Not every clinic possible. Experienced rotolog may assume that failures of the hormonal system, if baldness occurs in females and bald spots on the back symmetrical. Hamsters found:

  • Polycystic and ovarian cancer;
  • Endometritis, pyometra (inflammation of uterus).
hormonal alopecia in a hamster

Go bald and maybe a female and during pregnancy. Naked belly becomes homyachihi nursing on nursing.


Bald spots can be a sign natural for hamsters process – seasonal shedding. Baldness usually affect the abdomen and inner thighs, but sometimes the hair falls out and back.

Old age

If an old hamster starts to go bald, and parasitic diseases are eliminated, the true cause cannot install rarely. In such a situation, can only advise to add to food special vitamins for rodents and to provide ideal conditions.


In absentia it is impossible to say, what to do if a hamster is getting bald. To determine the cause in most cases to be examined by an animal specialist and special studies. If khomka began to drop hair, the task of the owner to receive rotolog is to provide pet balanced nutrition and optimal conditions.

Causes of baldness in hamsters
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