Colds and runny nose the hamster

Under good conditions of a runny nose in a hamster – a rarity.Not scientific, but common name. Most often disease is caused by a virus, and then superimposed bacterial infection. To understand how to treat a hamster from a cold, it is necessary to find the cause of the problem.



At a low temperature environment or during transportation of the hamster in the street in the cold season, it is necessary to take care of winterization. Although the Syrian hamster can be very fluffy, and the fur of Jungaria looks warm, these animals are not adapted to cold.

At home dangerous drafts. Not to think about how to treat a runny nose in a hamster should not be put the cage on the window, the balcony, under the window.


If the hamster has been in the water, the risk of colds is very high. Because of the wet wool animal much freezes, and the immune system further weakens from trauma.


Few think about whether the hamster can catch human colds. If a sick person takes the animal in his hands, sneezes next to the cage, the pet is too sick. Consider which arise fromincome for colds:


From Djungarian hamster can not notice the transparent discharge from the nose. There are indirect signs: the animal scratches his nose, sneezes and snorts.
With a strong runny nose, hamster breathing heavily, she could hear the rattling and whistling.


Watery eyes is one of the signs of infection. Eyes can even stick together from discharge.

Loss of appetite

The hamster can't smell the food, and forced to breathe through the mouth, so eating little and reluctantly. Animal loses weight, becomes sluggish and inactive.

Symptoms may be expressed in different ways. It depends on what to do when a hamster has a cold. If the rodent rubs paws runny nose, but remains active and readily eating, recovery will come in a few days.

If clear discharge was replaced by a purulent, pet refuses food, you need to contact the veterinary clinic.

Not to the doctor told me how to treat a hamster from a cold, and to exclude pneumonia and start treatment with antibiotics.


The conditions of detention

Cage put in a warm room without drafts, replace the bedding with paper towels (put a lot). In the house to keep clean, the food is varied, only approved products.


The abundance of succulent fodder is bad for the digestion. Optimal use of fluid additives for rodents, the dose during the illness is 2-3 times higher everyday:

  • Beaver "Lebensvitamine";
  • 8-in-1 "Hamster & Gerbil Vita-Sol".

Herbal medicine

For lifting immunity is used a decoction of Echinacea. Affect the good condition of the lungs and bronchi infusion of mother and stepmother and nettle leaves. The solutions were gradually fed from a syringe or poured into a bowl instead of water.


To the animal it was easier to breathe, the nose clear of secretions damp cotton ball (water or solution furatsilina). Purified watery eyes. Conjunctivitis use eye drops with antibiotic (Floksal, Tobrex). The drops will get into the nose through nasolacrimal duct, which when cold would be superfluous.


How to treat a hamster that has a cold, in General it is clear – not to aggravate, and to wait until the body cope with the infection. Antibiotics are not necessary for viral infection, but it is better to consult a doctorso as not to confuse pneumonia and the common cold.

Colds and runny nose the hamster
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