Euthanasia of the hamster

Hamster – soft fluffy ball of happiness.Physical suffering hamsters in sickness and old age is a huge psychological stress, especially for young children. To end suffering there is a humane, but morally hard for pet owners way is euthanasia.

In some situations you need to euthanize a hamster

Hamster euthanasia is reasonable and acceptable in the States, bringing the animal's suffering and has no chance for a cure:

  • various injuries, in which the pet is physically unable to actively live: back injuries, traumatic brain injuries and injuries with the serious injury of internal organs;
  • diseases with no effective treatment and favorable prognosis, most often it is a malignant tumor, characterized by metastases to different organs and severe pain;
  • damage to the nervous system, manifested in aggressive behavior toward household members;
  • advanced age in hamsters, accompanied by pain, loss of ability to move and food intake;
  • a congenital disease in which the animal is doomed to death.

It should be remembered that only a veterinary specialist is able to diagnose the condition of the hamster, incompatible with life, which euthanasia is the only right solution. In such cases, the duty of the owner to relieve suffering, not kill the pet.

As euthanized hamster

When making such a serious decision as euthanasia of a pet, the owner is very important that the hamster is not in pain, and painless sleep. You should entrust such a procedure only your veterinarian, specifying the effect of pharmacological drugs for euthanasia.

Unscrupulous veterinarians carried out the killing without anesthesia, using means immobilization and blocking of respiration.

Humane procedure necessarily is a veterinary technician with the use of narcotic and anesthetic drugs that block the nervous system and triggering painful sensitivity.

You can say goodbye to his little friend, after that, the doctor applies anesthesia to the animal, hamster is slowly sinking into sleep and nothing feels. Then injected the drug, causing cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.

Specialist must state the fact of clinical death after 5 minutes after the procedure. The owner can take the body a hamster for self-burial or write in a veterinary clinic for cremation.

Euthanasia hamster at home

The procedure of pet euthanasia easier done at home in a number of advantages:

  • eliminates the need to transport the pet to the clinic, which is highly undesirable in case of serious injuries and severe ailments;
  • pet is not experiencing stress from the hospital atmosphere, the last moments of life spent at home with the beloved master;
  • veterinary specialists make visits at any time, carry out humane killing with the provision of appropriate psychological support to the owner of the animal;
  • price of slumber hamster at home is the same as the procedure at the clinic, and is around 1 000.

Euthanasia of the animal in the clinic

Conduct euthanasia of pet can be performed in the veterinary hospital. The owner signs the consent, the doctor puts the hamster in anesthesia with subsequent administration of the drug to stop the heart, if desired, the procedure may occur in the presence of the owner. The body of a hamster owner takes with him or leaves it in the clinic for subsequent cremation.

Must love your Pets and fight for the health of tiny friends, but if you cannot cure the disease and save the animal the most humane decision is to euthanize a hamster, so you'll save a loved Jungaria and your family members from suffering and misery.

Euthanasia of the hamster
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