What to do if hamster constipation

Every day our cheerful Syrian or Djungarian hamster is actively making funny faces and fondled the hands of their favorite hosts.Lack of access to your Jungaria or Syrian to water and excessive eating dry food leads to the development of this unpleasant pathology of the intestine. The natural causative agent of intestinal motility is the fiber contained in raw vegetables, juicy fruit and cereals. The disadvantage of these products in the diet of your little friend is the root cause of constipation.
Sometimes the disease develops on the background of stress and various pathologies of the bowel and mechanical injuries.


The constipated hamster – violation of the bowel that is characterized by difficulty in defecation, incomplete or regular bowel movement. The owner of the hamster should be alert to the following disturbing symptoms:

  • the decrease in the number of bowel movements;
  • the litter is very dry, dense and small;
  • refusal of food and water;
  • the increase in the volume of the stomach;
  • matted hair;
  • restless behavior and sleep;
  • moisture around the anus;
  • the hamster often straining and squeaking;
  • lethargy, apathy.

Treatment constipated hamster at home

Upon detection of the first signs of disease is recommended to provide urgent first aid to the pet to prevent intoxication and unfortunate consequences.

To stimulate peristalsis and facilitate bowel movements urgent need to wipout hamster 1-2 ml of paraffin oil, which is injected your pet in the mouth of an ordinary disposable syringe without a needle. After 20 minutes, the procedure must be repeated. If within 4 hours of defecation did not happen, you should continue watering animal oil.

If you can not apply mineral oil, it can be replaced with flax, sesame, olive, or sunflower oil.

Often the owners of hamsters as a laxative use castor oil. To do this extremely is not recommended, it irritates the intestinal wall until ulceration.

After infusion of oil is necessary to carefully to make pet belly massage in a circular motion clockwise, so you can mechanically stimulate peristalsis. With the same purpose, it is advisable to get baby to move, to run in a tunnel or wheel to play in the basin.

After a successful bowel movement at the time of treatment and recovery, it is desirable to feed a hamster semi-liquid food and vegetables: it is well boiled buckwheat, carrots, prunes, green oats, parsley, dill. Dairy products, meat, eggs, flour, dry feed mixture during this period is excluded, it is possible in small portions add the sunflower seeds.

Treatment constipated hamster in a veterinary clinic

If at the end of the day these measures did not help should immediately contact the veterinary clinic. The doctor will examine the hamster with the use of ultrasound and prescribe treatment.

At the clinic for bowel the specialist cleansing enema with anaesthetics. Hamster with signs of intoxication and dehydration to stabilize the body subcutaneously injected a solution of ringer-Locke. To restore the intestinal flora specialist appoints veterinary probiotic drops.

In the case of intestinal obstruction, applied surgical treatment with subsequent postoperative therapy.

Prevention of constipation in hamsters

To prevent constipation in your pet it is advisable to observe some simple preventive measures:

Correctly feed your funny hamsters, take care of them, and they will in return give you a huge love of their young hearts.

What to do if hamster constipation
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