How to equip a tank for the red-eared terrapins

In nature, the red-eared terrapins live along the banks of lakes and rivers in the subtropical and temperate climate.Such capacity is well suited as a first home for very young individuals, but they grow up very quickly and soon the aquarium would have to be replaced. For larger reptiles with a shell size from 10-15 cm, it is recommended to buy an aquarium of at least 100 liters. For pairs of animals it is better to purchase a capacity of 150-200 litres.

Pond slider turtles are very active, swim a lot, and like a long time to lie on the bottom. Therefore, the water level should be at least 40 cm — with a large volume of water it will be slower and less likely to be contaminated requiring replacement. The height of the aquarium does not have to be large but too low bumpers can cause the escape of reptiles. Better if above the water level will remain the reserve of 15-20 cm, then moving the turtle can't move through the wall.

IMPORTANT: If the height of the sides is inadequate, you can be a turtle with a smaller amount of water. But you must make sure that the water level is slightly greater than the width of the carapace of the animal.

So the bug is not cold need to maintain a certain temperature. It is desirable that the water temperature does not fall below 25 to 28 degrees. We have to purchase the water heater and position it on the bottom. In pet stores offer convenient options in the form of flexible cords that are easy to hide under a layer of soil. Such a device will not interfere with the float and spoil the appearance of the aquarium and reptile can't bite or hurt hidden cord.

The choice of soil

The turtle should be easy to move around the bottom and push away from him. The soil also should not accumulate contamination, to produce harmful substances or represent other danger to the health of the pet. Therefore it is not recommended to use sand or peat — they are difficult to efficiently irrigate, in such material will be to link the paws of an animal. Small pebbles or glass marbles are much easier to care, but an adult easily swallowed particles. Best suited natural pebbles, artificial granules or a special mineral blocks, which are further saturate the water with calcium.

Lighting installation

To properly set up a turtle tank turtles is impossible without the installation of the two types of lighting. The main function of the bulb — heated area of land(island) where the animal gets after a meal. For the process of digestion reptiles need temperature not lower than 28 to 33 degrees, otherwise the metabolism slows down. When the temperature drops below 20 degrees the animal can become seriously ill. To provide suitable conditions will need incandescent 60-75 W, which must be positioned directly over the island. Good lamps-the pins, which are conveniently fixed to the side of the aquarium.

For keeping turtles at home is crucial the presence of ultraviolet light. Without the opportunity to bask in the sun reptile quickly weakens and becomes vulnerable to disease and the inability to absorb calcium due to the lack of vitamin D leads to the development of rickets. To avoid these consequences you need to install a special UV lamp which is switched on daily for a few hours. It is important to remember that reptiles are quickly overheat, so aveterinarian must be shaded corner where the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees.

IMPORTANT: by Purchasing a UV light it is necessary to pay attention to the type of radiation. For reptiles only fit UVB and UVA rays, the lamp marked UVC can cause burns on the retina of the turtle, which will make her blind.

Filters and aeration

The red-eared terrapins quickly pollute the water waste of life and the remnants of protein foods which begin to deteriorate at a high temperature under the lamps. To avoid contamination of water required to equip the tank for the red-eared terrapins a special filter. In pet stores offer the device in two types:

  • external — are installed outside the aquarium, have several compartments, a high capacity pump is best suited for vessels of large volume;
  • internal — submersible device, which is installed at the bottom or near the walls of the tank, calculated on the amount not more than 50-80 liters;

Filtering equipment for aquarium uses different types of cleaning, the most common is mechanical — water is passed through the sponge, which retains particles of dirt. Much more effective cleaning method that uses bacteria — they feed on organic debris and at the same time enrich the water with useful connections. For the life of colonies of bacteria requires oxygen, so in vivariums be sure to set the aeration device of the water. Most of the external filters already have a built-in function of aeration.


The aquarium complex to the red-eared terrapins should always include areas of land. Reptile daily part time on the beach, basking under the lamps — this is the process of digestion. To properly equip aquarium will need to purchase a special island or to attach a shelf with a gentle slope to the water.

Install these fixtures so that to the edge of the roll was not less than 25-30 cm, then the animal can't get out.

The size of the sushi depends on the number of contained individuals, but the minimum amount should be 25-30% of the total area of the aquarium. Better to place several small Islands, make them different height, to place one under the lamp, and the other in the shade. The surface of the islets should be rough, with irregularities, otherwise the turtles will slide and not be able to climb out of the water.

How to decorate aquarium

Aquarium decoration for the red-eared terrapins are not limited to the installation of the necessary equipment. In addition to the functional devices, there are many decorative items that will help to create a pet in the home a special atmosphere.

Beautiful driftwood feature on the bottom or set to an additional island, algae and creepers, plastic or silk look great in the water and on land. The ground is decorated with shells, starfish and transparent granules of colored glass. An unusual grotto-the island can be made with your hands, adding a kind of arch from flat large pebbles.

IMPORTANT: optional accessories will help you to decorate the aquarium and give it a spectacular appearance. But we should remember that many materials can be dangerous to the health of reptiles or release toxic substances. Cannot be used as decorations items with sharp edges, fragile walls — bug may bite or hurt. For this reason, it is not recommended to put in vivariums with older individuals artificial plants, accessories of thin glass or plastic, putting small shells.

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How to equip a tank for the red-eared terrapins
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