Island (the shore, the land, the raft) and the bridge to the aquarium for turtles with their hands

Pond slider turtles are a significant part of their time in water, but also need a landfall.If contains multiple reptiles at once, the size need to increase accordingly. To make their own plot of land that meets all the needs of turtles need to perform mandatory conditions:

  • the surface is raised above the water to not less than 3-5 cm, the reptile could fully dry off, getting up;
  • from the surface to the edge of the rim of the aquarium to leave at least 15-20 cm so that the pet is not able to escape;
  • to ensure sustainability and durability — drying for slider turtles to withstand considerable weight of these animals, not to wander and not to fall apart when moving it;
  • to use materials that do not contain toxins, glass, food, plastic, wood, natural stone, ceramic tile;
  • do not use smooth stones or plastic, with which the turtle could slip off — you need to make a rough or relief surface;
  • it is recommended to install easy to rise to your pet to be comfortable to go on the land;
  • right over land need to have lamp — conventional and UV radiation, you also need to leave one corner is shaded, so that the animal could hide in case of overheating.

Turtle beach when a large volume of the aquarium is frequently supplemented by bridge or raft. This diversity will entertain the pet and will make his home more interesting. It is important to remember that the land in the aquarium should take no less than 25% of the total area.

Options sushi

Before heading to search for materials, you need to determine the type of the future of the land. There are several basic designs:

  1. Suspension — most often, shelves and other hanging devices that attach to the walls of the tank above the water level, they necessarily attached to the ladder.
  2. Support are at the bottom (different Islands for turtles, bridges, slides) shall be sufficiently heavy and strong that the pet is not moving the device along the bottom.
  3. Bulk — part of aquaterrarium is separated by a partition and filled with sand or pebbles, this method allows you to make a spacious plot of land for the turtles.
  4. Floating — usually small designs, but with modern materials it is possible to make even a large raft. The disadvantage of this device is the mobility and "peoplemost" — you can use it for the young and younger individuals.

When choosing a design it is better to be guided by the particular vivariums. In small containers, it is recommended to use the pendant and the floating model, not to reduce the total area available for the pet. If the aquarium is big, you can make coast for the red-eared terrapins or wood to establish a reliable island of stone.

Shelf with your own hands

One of the simplest sushi — shelf, which is attached to the wall. This will require a suitable size piece of thick food-grade plastic, wood, tiles or glass 6 mm.

Cutting glass perform special oil glass cutter, you can also buy a piece the right size in the workshop. To drop the Bank for the red-eared terrapins with their hands will need silicone adhesive sealant. To do the work, you need to follow step by step instructions:

  1. The edges of the shelves should be evenly cut and sanded with sandpaper — grout the glass to perform better under the flow of water to avoid inhalation of fine particles.
  2. From the tank is drained of water, the walls washed from the plaque, attaching shelves degreased.
  3. Vivariums is put at the side edges of the shelves are covered with sealant.
  4. A shelf attached to the wall and pressed tightly for a few minutes, that glue has seized.
  5. Detail fixed with masking tape and let it dry completely for a day.
  6. For heavy tile shelves better paste support — vertical piece of plastic or tile, which will build on the bottom.

To pet was convenient to go ashore, a shelf is attached at a slight angle, or a glued plastic or glass slide. Its lower edge is not lowered to the bottom so the reptile will be enough space to swim. The surface of the descent and most sushi should be lubricated with sealant and sprinkle clean sand. You can glue the pebbles on the land, suitable small glass beads. Nice shelves with artificial grass made of plastic, similar to soft rubber Mat green color. These methods will help to make the surface textured shelves and turtle has no difficulty with movement on land.

IMPORTANT: in Order not to worry about the rough surface you can find decorative tiles with a relief pattern. Convex lines and stripes will create a sufficiently textured to paws pet does not slip, and to wash such a surface will be easier than glued pebbles.

Video: make a shelf out of the cover from under the disc and tube

Self-made island of stone

To make yourself an island of stone in the aquarium, you will need to pick up pebbles or stones of a suitable size (not less than 4-5 cm). It is better to choose flat stones with a rough surface. They need to pre-process at home — boil on a slow fire for half an hour, to killed all the bacteria.

To make the island for turtles with their hands of stone without the use of additional materials and tools. From the tank drained of water and spread in one corner, several layers of gravel to make a mound of the desired height. To give stability, you can use the sealer, but it is better to choose fairly flat stones, which will be held in place due to its weight. They can be disassembled and cleaned when cleaning the vivariums.

Decorative version of the island

The island for the red-eared terrapins can not only perform the function of the land, but become a real decoration of vivariums. For its production you can use the dried and cured pieces of coral arrays, chunks of granite or wood, to pick up a bright pebble or stick the stones on the island different colors. Laid out in sequence they create a delicate pattern resembling a mosaic. For surface decoration you can also use plastic plants, colored glass granules shells.

Video: self-made island of wood

Video: homemade island of glass with artificial grass

A homemade bridge

The island can be made more effective, by building arches out of stone or wood. So you can lay down a pretty bridge for turtles, which will give our home pet exotic look. For Foundation design it is better to use a large piece of plastic or plexiglass. To make the bridge for the red-eared terrapins with their hands will need a silicone sealant. Flat stones or pebbles carefully laid layer by layer, each detail is fixed with glue. The height of the structure should be such as to protrude above the water several inches, and the width should exceed the diameter of the carapace of the animal. When the bridge to the aquarium is ready, you need to leave it to dry for 1-2 days.

You can also fabricate a bridge out of wood — are used for this smooth cubes or carefully sliced bamboo pieces. Hold them together is also better with a sealant — studs can rust from being under water.

The raft for turtles floating shore

Floating design is convenient because it saves space, easy to remove and do not interfere with cleaning of the aquarium. Make them with your own hands from scrap materials — plastic, tube. But keep in mind that this type of land is suitable only as a temporary option. Make convenient and reliable raft for pet best wood or bamboo.

Pre-processed material should be waterproof impregnation and varnish — then the wood will not rot from the constant stay in the water. To dock the raft for turtles under the lamps it is possible to use a suction Cup. You can buy them at the hardware store and glued them to the edges of the raft will need silicone sealant.

IMPORTANT: When choosing tools, be sure to check that they do not contain harmful or toxic substances. Good impregnation, which are used for wood in the sauna or bath.


The island turtle from a plastic bottle is well suited as a temporary home for very young Pets. In the bottle you need to fill up sand, so she rolled on the bottom and protruding from the water surface need to be covered with a sealant and also to sand. Little turtles will climb up the circular ramp of the bottle and bask under the lights. The downside of this option is its estetichnost, it also will quickly become too cramped for grown-up Pets.

Video: make a Bank from a plastic container with lamps

Island (the shore, the land, the raft) and the bridge to the aquarium for turtles with their hands
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