Why turtle tail

A bit of history of origin

Many scholars have argued that these reptiles are descended from cotylosaurs, as evidenced by their fossil skeletons.

But if you compare turtle tail and its ancestor, the large visible differences.However, it is not so simple as it seems.

What function does the tail

First, the elongated tail turtles, some marine species, gives agility, maneuverability and extra speed animal to protect from attack. Thus, the nature as it compensates for the lack of protection ability of more agile movement.

Second, no prizes for guessing that turtle tail – that part of the body, where is the cloaca, through which the body releases waste products and the process of reproduction. The turtles need the tail to protect this vulnerable part of the body.

Important! The owners of these Pets should treat this organ in the animals themselves and not to let the children during the games to hurt him.

Determination of the sex of pet: why do it

So that's why turtle tail: to the owners of these Pets could distinguish females from males.

In females it is short, located on the edge of the carapace – the dorsal part of the carapace. It is possible to notice the cloaca in the form of asterisks. And in males it is longer, a little bit back from carapace.

Why turtle tail
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