The jaws of turtles: mouth and teeth

In healthy reptiles:

  • no excessive salivation;
  • in the mucosa does not appear bright lines advanced vessels;
  • turtles inside the mouth uniformly pink, no blueness, yellowness, paleness, swelling and redness;
  • you do not receive a mucus, film and pus.

A healthy pet is not breathing mouth.Any wild or domesticated individuals teeth do not need. The mouth of the turtle is a sort of beak. Outside the mouth is surrounded by hard Horny plate ramphotheca. In this tissue lacks nerve endings and blood vessels. Hard edges effectively dissect roughage.

Question how many teeth a turtle, the same is not relevant for terrestrial species of pet turtles. Most of the members of the family are satisfied with plant food. Like claws, ramteke constantly grow, and for a normal bite should grind. A healthy reptile that is kept in the right conditions, to cope with this task itself. The bite should be monitored so that defects do not impede the feeding process. Delamination ramphotheca indicates errors in the care of the pet.

The jaws of turtles: mouth and teeth
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