The hearing in turtles

Among lovers of Pets, there are people that contain in the apartment of the turtles.The middle ear is covered by the eardrum which is a membrane covered with a Horny shield. It is quite thick, especially in marine species.

With tight panel the range of sounds is limited to low frequencies of the order of 150-600 Hz. Through the auditory nerves turtles can hear low sounds from 500 Hz to 1000 Hz. Fluctuations of the membrane was adjusted signals to the inner ear. At these frequencies tortoises hear:

  • tapping;
  • slamming;
  • noises;
  • car sounds;
  • fluctuations of the soil.

Note: Hearing in turtles is weak, but can be called by tapping on the floor. The sound is transmitted through the legs and carapace to the inner ear.

Where are the turtle ears?

Inner ears are located slightly on the eye and are oval in shape. Without the ear, which is missing, they closed a Horny shield. Due to flap the ears protected from external influences, and a thick membrane allows you to save on. The ears of turtles are located on the sides of the head and help to navigate in space.

The importance of sound in the life of a reptile

Charles Darwin believed the turtles were deaf, what is wrong. But of greater significance in their lives plays a keen eyesight and ability to distinguish colors. Fails and their sense of smell, which they find relatives, locate, looking for food.

But hearing also helps animals in nature. They feel the danger or the approach of anyone due to fluctuations of the soil. In the mating season some species make sounds, attracting individual of the opposite sex.

Opinions about water representatives of this family differ: some consider them to be deaf, and others attribute them acute hearing. Some members are credited with the ability to hear like a cat. Retold the story of how the turtles came out of the water to the mournful singing.

Note: Having the ability to smell and to see the world, these animals formed a "compass sense," which helps Orient them in space.

The role of the sound

Room turtles hear people. They intonation: if we talk loud and tough, they bury their heads in the shell tender, affectionate words make you crane your neck and listen. Turtle ears can feel:

  • steps;
  • loud bass;
  • the sound of something falling;
  • to perceive classical music.

About music opinions also differ: some believe that the turtles are like the classics and they are transfixed, craning his neck.

Others suggest that they respond to loud music, but in nature, these sounds can be a signal of danger and the animal is under stress.

Tip: With a pet and you need to talk, but only in a low voice. Pet will get used to listen to you and will be waiting for communication, craning his head and listening. It is important that the dialogue occurred around the same time.

He hears trachemys?

Cat members of the family belong to the common and favorite Pets. Ears slider turtles are no different in structure from its congeners. But oddly enough, they well determine most of the sounds, but also low-frequency.

The noise of footsteps, door slams, selestine the paper causes the reaction of the animal. The red-eared terrapins can hear at a frequency from 100 to 700 Hz slightest sounds worse than cats. The owners say that many individuals take pleasure in classical music, which they perceive with interest, pulling his head out of the shell and sinking. Why is hearing the red-eared terrapins is better known. No explanation for this, but the fact remains.

The views of the owners of Pets

Watching the turtles, many owners made their own submission as hear their favorite:

Olga: My "twins" — two slider turtles love to sit on your hands, but agitated, hearing a strange voice.

Natalia: I sometimes sing Italian songs that are madly in love with my turtle. She pulls the head, which shakes to the beat of the music. I don't know if the ears of tortoise, but hearing accurately present.

Marina: My "wanderer" does not responds to music and loud noises: the screaming, the gnashing, the sound of the drill irritates her and she panics, trying to find a secluded area and hide.

The ears of tortoises there. Another thing is that they are arranged in a special way and do not play a leading role in her life. So the world slow reptile was filled with not only colors, smells, but it contains some sounds.

The hearing in turtles
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