The smallest land and sea turtles in the world

Cape speckled

Is the name of the smallest turtle in the world — the diameter of the shell is only 6-10cm, the adult weighs no more than 100-160g.Due to global warming, the natural habitat of reptiles is declining, turning into a desert, so now the species listed in the Red book.

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The smallest freshwater turtle lives in the rivers of Canada and the United States. Her gray-green coloration is an excellent camouflage against the background of mud and underwater plants. Along the carapace are three ridges, and on the face are often bright stripes. Under armour located glands, which in danger emit a sharp musky smell. Protection also contribute to a strong jaw and a long neck reptiles, allowing her to quickly throw your head forward to bite the enemy. The size of the carapace of the adult rarely exceeds 10-14cm and weight is 120-130gr.

Eat plant food (algae, underwater part of the coastal plants) and protein (small inhabitants of the water: clams, insects, fish larvae).

Musk turtle also consume carrion, which makes it essential sanitation of natural reservoirs. Due to unpretentiousness and unusual appearance, these turtles have become very popular as Pets.

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Atlantic Ridley

The size of the carapace of a turtle that lives off the coast of South America and Mexico, reaching 60-70cm in diameter, and it weighs about 30kg. So it may seem odd that it includes a number of miniature species. The fact that the Atlantic Ridley is the smallest sea turtle — all relatives exceed its size several times.

Atlantic Ridley lives in areas with sandy or muddy bottoms, at depths rarely exceeding 50m. Adults easily dive to a depth of 400m, but can remain there no more than 4 hours. Turtle eats algae and various small animals such as molluscs, crabs, jellyfish.

The smallest land and sea turtles in the world
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