Amazing and interesting facts about the marine and land turtles

Types of turtles

These reptiles live on every continent except Antarctica.Not everyone knows that the shell has nerve endings. Them animal can feel.

Important! We can not allow children to experience the turtle shell strength, placing him on the leg of a chair, table, Cabinet, enclosing under the ongoing transport, dropping from a height on rocks or asphalt. Damage to the carapace is fraught with diseases of internal organs, and getting into the cracks of microbes.

Consisting of a turtle shell is present in the phosphorus. After a day of sunbathing reptiles are able to glow in the dark. A mountain in Uzbekistan, near which has accumulated a lot of remains of these reptiles after meals nesting eagles on it, even called Luminous due to phosphorescent pieces of a carapace.

To interesting fact about a land turtle can be attributed to the amazing individual (or two individuals?), which is the model of conjoined turtle twins. The reptile has six legs and two heads. The owner of the animal, living in Kiev, said, that one head is slightly inferior to the second in size and has less appetite. Female for five years, and it feels good.

Some species of tortoises can go without food for up to 5 years. There are even those that can live in oxygen-free environment to 10 hours.

Important! These abilities help the animal to survive in extreme situations. But in any case, no need to test it on their Pets. Stress and lack of food, and most importantly oxygen, can cause irreversible negative changes in the body that cause diseases of the reptile.

But these interesting facts about turtles and their ability to survive without food and even oxygen inspired scientists to use the Central Asian land tortoise as the first living creature launched into space on the moon. It happened in 1968. Then were sent flying Soviet spacecraft "ZOND-5".

But in nature, in order to survive in the hot desert reptiles have to resort to various tricks. Turtle in the rain, or finding a small puddle trying to gain life-giving water in a shell. First reptile raises the back part of the shell, that water has got in two holes in the front. She then lifts the front portion of the body, and the moisture flows in the lower part of the shell under the belly. So reptile is making a supply of water for the future.

When it begins to be thirsty, she again raises the back part. Water flows down the cervical flap on the head and enters the mouth. Such caution can be the envy of the vaunted for the mind and a developed intellect monkeys, pigs and horses. Storing water in addition to turtles on Earth have not learned yet any other animal.

Sea turtles

To this type include those that require salt water. A resident of the oceans and seas vary in size, appearance and structure, have features of conduct, diet.

Known interesting fact: sea turtle caught in the Indian ocean, lived a total of 202 years, 152 of which she was in captivity!

An unusual fact about the leatherback turtlesthat make odoured scratching and living in the seas, for their size. The largest instance had a body length of 2.6 m, a five-meter wingspan fins and weight 916 kg.

It is also astonishing that a reptile of this species easily reaches a depth of 1.2 km! During the fight with the shark often victory is on the side of the huge reptiles.

Many species of leatherbacks eat poisonous jellyfish. Because of this, and their meat becomes unfit for food. Although by the turtles, the jellyfish venom harm has not.

The surprising fact, shocked the public in 1969, refutes the stereotype prevailing about the recent mind of these creatures. The hero of the events have fallen overboard the hapless passengers of the ship and its Savior. That is a large turtle came to him for help.

During the long 15 hours the animal was close to the surface to cling to his shell of a person not immersed in the water and could breathe. The reptile has gone about their business only after the rescuers brought a man on Board came to the rescue to the scene of the vessel.

On sufficiently developed intelligence of these reptiles is the fact that they understand the language of dolphins. About Nicobar Islands females coming to lay their eggs on land, always waiting for a signal from them. Caring dolphins thus misleading the reptiles that there is no danger and you can safely get to shore.

In East Africa dwells amazing turtle — stretchy, whose body structure is able to change its shape and size. Climbing into crevices between the rocks, the reptile with the help of air blows it. Now she uneasy no predators to pull an animal from its hiding impossible.

Freshwater turtles

Although everyone knows that this reptile is a thermophilic, recently found one species, which is called the water turtle Blanding. It is well tolerate cold and fun to swim under the ice. Lives is a miracle of nature in the Great lakes region in America.

Surprising interesting property of some types of reptiles – the ability to breathe through the skin. They absorb oxygen that is dissolved in water. Due to this property the animals can hibernate under water, without rising to the surface for a long time.

Most aquatic turtles feed on living things. Despite the fact that they have no teeth, carnivores can eat a pretty large creatures. In October last year, the incident at the school of American state of Idaho, stirred up the whole community. Science teacher fed clicky or Cayman turtle living in an aquarium of a living area, a live puppy. The predator saw in the water the prey, swam, dragged her under water, where happy to have dealt with the animal.

In Russia many fans of reptiles kept as Pets slider turtles. These beauties not only float in the aquarium, delighting the eyes of their owners, but also perform some stunts thanks to the training.

And after a long time indoors with one and the same decor, they are able to change their color. In a room with a predominance of red shades bug is reddish, with a blue Wallpaper – blue. Although old age reptile loses this ability and becomes boring colors – it becomes just black.

Marsh turtle

This species of reptiles can be called a champion of starvation. Reptile tolerate abstinence from food for 4-5 years without any visible changes. Although the weight of the reptile is somewhat reduced.

The bog turtle can stay under water for two days, not surfacing to the surface.

This reptile knows how to dig in the sand or fallen leaves, actively working the legs. Strong claws help her in this. Hatched turtles spend the winter in the nest, feeding on what is left in the yolk sack of the egg.

The marsh turtle Matamata, which is home to Amazon, the night glow like the eyes of alligators and cats. The predator is able to jump out of the water, seeing flying low over the water the bird. Prey reptile eats. Can hungry Matamata to attack a mouse, a rat or a small baby cats, dogs, but prefers live fish. Amazing eggs the turtle lays in the mud under water. All other reptiles prefer to do laying on the ground.
Offspring from Matamata eggs can hatch as in 2-4 months, and 8-10. The period of maturation of the embryo depends on the ambient temperature.
Here are the different turtles are there in the world. They have little studied the man, and who knows what other amazing facts about them are hidden from us.

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Amazing and interesting facts about the marine and land turtles
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