Amazing and interesting facts about aquatic turtles trachemys

Debunking stereotypes

There are many rumors about these animals.Refuting them, we learn some interesting facts about slider turtles.

Being slow

It is the opinion of most people is the soil beneath them. It is not the case with this species. Once in the aquatic environment, reptile and transformed into races with obstacles can take. On land, it also can easily overcome the arising difficulties and quickly to avoid danger.

An interesting event happened one day at the water Park. Left unattended, red reptile went into hiding. A refugee has long sought, but to no avail. She was documented missing.

Only two years later it managed to find in one of the abandoned wells. The reptile was alive and well and even a little older.


Can't believe a sweet smile that reptile. It disappears if the animal will sense danger or see an intruder in his territory. Then the reptile is the first to start the fight. Toothless mouth is quite painful, it is able to grab the finger and even hurt. The musculature of the jaws of these reptiles in great shape. Its stranglehold turtle easily crushes hard nut.

Important! Acquiring a slider turtle as a pet, do not immediately give the animal in the hands of children. First you need to make sure that she is tamed and will not bite the baby.

In addition to the powerful jaws of the reptile, there is also claws, which it defends. On the rear pair of legs, they are particularly dangerous. The turtle, which is taken into the hands of strangers, actively repelled by them, causing injury.


This stereotype is refuted those owners of the turtles, who managed to teach your pet some tricks: ringing the bell, demanding food, play ball, go to the island to host voice and others.

Compared to other reptiles turtles are the most intelligent. But their intelligence is much lower than in mammals.

Video: pond slider turtle playing with a ball

"No water and no amplitude, and not syudy"

Actually krasnowski can stay outside the usual environment for up to 72 hours without any complications. They can go without water longer, up to weeks, but then the body will be irreversible harmful to life changes.

Not a chameleon, but still!

This lovely creation has the ability to change its color. From the environment depends on what color it will become. However, this process is lengthy, time-consuming.
To the old reptile becomes black.

Interesting about "it": coitus reserve

Sperm, trapped in the genital tract of the female, remains active for a long time.

But there is another aspect, most unusual property of water turtles associated with fertilization. They are capable of partial use of the reserves of sperm tucked away inside.

Important! If a female reptile is in isolation from males for a long time and does the clutch, do not immediately throw away the eggs as unfertilized. Of them may appear healthy offspring.

Learned this by accident. The female, which year in isolation, did the clutch. Of the 124 eggs only one was unfertilized. After 3 years the same insulated female re-did the clutch. Now the germ was only 39 balls 130. Only in the fourth year of the entire masonry only 4 hatched baby turtle.

Video: interesting about pond slider turtles

Amazing and interesting facts about aquatic turtles trachemys
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