Who is slower: a turtle or a snail?

How fast moving turtle

To find out which animal moves slower, you have to calculate and compare the average speed of each of them.To move in the water much easier, therefore, water reptiles swim faster, their average 25km/h. the Most rapid is representative of the leatherback sea turtle, which can swim 35km per hour.

Interesting: the Title of one of the slowest animals in the world rightfully deserved tortoise, reaching a very large size. Huge heavy torso hard to move and rotate, so one hour is the animal does not overcome more than four kilometers.

How fast crawling of a snail

Ordinary garden snail creeps 1-1. 3 cm per second, so it can travel up to 80 cm per minute and 47 metres per hour. But this kind of is one of the most agile among your own kind — the average speed of most of these clams is equal to only 1.5 mm/s, which is equal to 6cm/min or 3.6 m/h. Why do snails move so slow? Progress is due to the contraction of the muscles of her body — they bend and straighten the surface of its "legs" - type movement of caterpillars.

To accelerate progress helps a bit eye-catching mucus that lubricates the surface on which the clam pulls the torso forward and reduces friction. But despite all the tricks, the speed of these animals remains the lowest in the world. Therefore, the question of who moves slower: a turtle or a snail, it is possible to give a definite answer — the mollusc is much inferior to its competitor.

Video about the competition on speed between a snail and a turtle

Who is slower: a turtle or a snail?
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