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Setting the stage for a rodent, you must be aware with the rules selection menu.Part of the "vinkovatov" categorical claim that such food is a direct way to disease of the gastrointestinal tract. The second position is less radical: the owners allow rodents sometimes eat some varieties, but carefully consider the number, variety, and frequency.

Than allowed to feed

Supporters believe that can be Guinea pigs to give cereals, recommend the following:

  • untreated oats;
  • cereal brand "Hercules";
  • lentils;
  • barley;
  • barley.

Absolutely can not cook porridge, all products must be dry and without heat treatment. Cereals must be mixed with grain, and this mixture is 30% of the total diet. The proportions that leads not only to diseases of the pet, but also to obesity.

Is strictly prohibited

Cereals such as rice, buckwheat, millet and corn cause gastrointestinal disorders and obesity

Under the full ban:

  • millet;
  • Fig;
  • corn grits;
  • buckwheat.

These limitations are due to slight mobility of the animal. Cereals contain an excess of carbohydrates, which is not processed into energy, and fat. The latter is not only under the skin, but also covers the internal organs, leading to their dysfunction.

Also grains with starch causing fermentation in the gut: pet constantly tormented by colic and bloating.

Knowing the rules of the menu Guinea pigs, it is possible to diversify and to treat pet to maintain the health and activity of the animal.

About the benefits and dangers of baked goods and dairy, read these articles "Dairy products and eggs in the diet of Guinea pigs" and "Can you give Guinea pigs bread".

What cereals can Guinea pigs
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