The largest land and sea turtles in the world

The rating of the largest turtles

There are real giants among these reptiles.But to survive in the cold waters of the reptiles need more food.

To meet this giant in nature difficult. Basically, this aquatic turtle lives in the deep sea. The largest turtle in the world has the density of a body, as in sea water, which allows her a great part of life spend almost the bottom. Only to lay eggs reptile ashore selected.

Scientists suggest that the largest leatherback sea turtles no one has yet seen, since they practically do not appear in the land. This is a very cautious creature.

Their distinctive feature is the lack of strong armour. Instead, the body itself is a giant turtle covered in leather. Not being able to hide inside a shell, reptile becomes vulnerable and fearful.

But at the depth of the largest turtle in the world feels the best way. It can develop speed in swimming up to 35 miles per hour.

Amphibian feeds on crustaceans, mollusks, small fish, jellyfish, sea cucumber, which are found in abundance in the sea. He is a predator. But large prey the leatherback turtle does not attack.

The life of reptiles, this species rarely exceeds 40 years.

The average body length of an adult individual is 200 cm, But were found reptile is significantly greater than for the other parameters. Her body length was equal to 260 cm, the scale of the front flippers was 5 meters. And the biggest weighed 916 kilograms. turtle Although according to some of its mass equal to only 600 kg. But it is safe to say that it was the heaviest turtle in the world.

Usually these giants is rather peaceful. But they have bouts of aggression. The case when one large specimen took a small boat with people on Board for a shark. This whopper fearlessly went to RAM and won.

If the animal is very angry, with its strong jaws it easily bites a branch, the MOP handle. So it's not hard to imagine what will become of the human hand or foot, they get caught embittered animal in his mouth.

Elephant or Galapagos

This is the biggest land turtle. This species is distinguished by its longevity. In captivity they live on average up to 170 years. They are found only on the Galapagos Islands – hence the second name of the species.

Originally, there were 15 subspecies of these reptiles. But people kill animals for their tasty meat, the manufacture of these oils. Only 10 subspecies were able to maintain their population. From the eleventh subspecies until 2012 was the only specimen living in captivity. Included in the story, the male was given the name Lonesome George.

In the early twentieth century people began to make efforts to have these huge turtles have survived on the planet. Program was developed for the incubation of reptiles and rearing. Grown turtles were released into the wild. But today, these huge turtles included in the list of "vulnerable animals of the planet."

This is the largest among land turtle has a large shell, into which in times of danger draws his head and legs. Light brown carapace connects with the ribs of the reptile is part of the skeleton.

Although the age of reptiles often try to define the rings of the shell, in this case, it is inefficient. Old layers of the drawing are erased with the years. So today, to prove that the giant tortoises really are a long-lived, doing DNA analysis.

Giant tortoises feed on vegetable food. They are happy to absorb even those plants that are poisonous.

The Galapagos turtles are very peaceful, well tamed, even trainable. They respond to a nickname, go by the signal, can learn to pull the bell, asking for attention or treats.

The size and weight of reptiles depends on the climatic conditions. In places where low humidity, these reptiles are much less than those who live in less arid areas. They achieve only 54 kg weight.

But under favorable conditions can grow a real turtle giant. Was specimen, length of carapace which reached 122 see Weighed this giant turtle is 3 quintals.

Video: feeding the ivory turtle


This largest sea turtle is the only species in its genus. Although the reptile is called a color, its color are green, yellow, white and dark brown spots.

Inhabits the reptile ocean in the tropics and subtropics. This includes areas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

In childhood the young almost all the time is in the sea. Its diet consists of jellyfish, fish larvae and other small creatures. But gradually the animal becomes plant-food. Now part of time it spends on the ground.

The average size of the carapace of the animal varies from 80 to 150 cm, body Weight in reptiles of this kind can be from 70 to 200 kg. Although there are very large specimens up to two metres long and weighing half a ton.

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This species of reptiles is a family of Cayman. Individuals of loggerhead turtles seem quite daunting. A hook-like beak on the upper jaw resembles the image of a monster from a horror movie or an ancient prehistoric evil creatures. Complement this impression of three sharply protruding ridge at back of shell. They have a saw-tooth notches. They also provided the lower edge of the carapace.

Live reptiles in the canals, rivers and ponds of the Southeast United States. It can be found on the beaches of Mississippi. Sometimes you come across individuals to the North of this area.

Adult loggerhead turtles can reach a length of five feet and weigh 60 kg. But small individuals of people often take in hand to consider "monster" a closer look.

In such cases, the reptile beginning to be widely open mouth, worrying the enemy, and jets from the cloaca. If attempts at intimidation do not work, the animal could bite.

Important! It is not necessary to test the patience of loggerhead turtles. Her jaw is very strong. The bite of even small reptiles can severely injure a finger or hand.

Video: bite force loggerhead turtles

A large specimen sometimes can attack humans. That happens not spontaneously, but for quite understandable reasons. The animal just thinks that the person who is next, is a potential threat.
Then the reptile may bite the offender, or to pry swimmer edges of the shell and rip the skin and even muscles.

Important! This type of prohibited content in the home. Animal had not be domestication.

The video: loggerhead and snapping turtle

Giant (giant) Seychelles

The habitat of this species of reptiles is narrow. Their nature can be found only on Aldabra island, part of the Seychelles. At present, there are induced several colonies of these creeps.

These giants prefer to settle in areas rich in vegetation and in mangrove swamps. This is due to their food addiction. Reptiles in nature eat grass and shrubs, sometimes adults chew on the tree branches. In captivity Pets eat bananas, fruits, vegetables. A day one reptile can eat up to 25 kg of food.

A great danger to the turtles are... goats. These mammals were brought to the island, where they gradually alienated. Enemies turtles goats are not only because they take away their food. Horned artiodactyls have learned to break the shell of a reptile on the rocks and happily eat their meat.

The growth of reptiles lasts up to forty years. During this time, species can reach a length of 120 cm, But the average size rarely exceeds 105 cm weight of the largest members of the species up to a quarter ton 250 kg.

Having a long neck, the animal can reach the lower branches of the middle tree a meter off the ground. Reptile's legs are thick, powerful and strong.

Some members often use instead of cars for driving children.

These animals are very curious and friendly. Tourists they allow you to scratch his neck and stroke his shell, happy to take people food from the hands.

These are the kinds of turtles are there: one to be feared, while others, even very large, willing to contact people and Pets.

The largest land and sea turtles in the world
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