The fastest turtle in the world

In the Guinness Book of records allocated for a special section of achievements of representatives of terrestrial fauna.Currently live in the North East of England with Durham entertainment Park, founded by her owners.

Marco Kal'tsini tells us that Bertie had been given to him because of the relocation of the previous owners. The exact age of the animal is unknown. Watching the pet the man noticed that he moves with unusual for his species agility.

Leopard tortoise Bertie can overcome 27 cm just over a second.

Citing a reptile favorite food — strawberries, Marco conducted a series of experiments and confirmed their suspicions that the speed far exceeds Bertie was in the 1977 championship turtle Charlie. In 2014, the family invited a group of experts that they officially confirmed the superiority of pet.

The previous record was recorded at the end of the turtles in Tickhill. To measure the characteristics of the running Bertie had to organize a track with a slope of 1: 12 to the circumstances of the race both reptiles were identical. Pet Kal'tsini crossed the long path of 5.48 metres of 19.59 seconds. in the presence of two coaches from Sonderlandsgade Fund athletics and vet. The previous record holder it took in 43.7 seconds.

The speed of the fastest turtle in the world is of 0.99 km/h.

Video: the speed of the fastest turtle in the world

The fastest turtle in the world
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