What to eat bog turtles

What to feed freshwater turtles

In vivo swamp turtles eat small fish, frogs, and clams.So feeding at home should be approximately equal to the natural way of life.

Of animal food the turtle is given by:

  • various types of low-fat river fish;
  • squid;
  • shrimp;
  • earthworms;
  • snails;
  • shellfish;
  • frogs;
  • crustaceans (Daphnia, bloodworms, crustaceans);
  • raw beef offal: heart, liver;
  • you can also feed raw chicken heart, chicken breast (but not chicken liver).

As a plant food you can give:

  • the leaves of cabbage;
  • lettuce;
  • dandelion leaves;
  • the duckweed.

Weekly diet properly to comply with this ratio: 70% fish (hake, halibut, Pollack, and many others), 20% of meat (mainly offal) and 10% plant foods. Experienced breeders say that adult turtles need more vegetable Korma. Therefore, its mass fraction can be increased to 20% due to the reduction of fish to 60%. Give plants young individuals (3-4 years old) should not be at all. Their menu should consist of fish and other animal products, and the share of the fish should reach 80%.

It is also important to observe the General rule, according to which the bog turtle feeding frozen food or live insects, crustaceans. Pet do not give dry food as these animals are mostly aquatic lifestyle and like to eat foods with a high moisture content.

Good start to the turtle aquarium with live small fish, crustaceans, and earthworms that it alone hunted them and quenched their hunger. If you use a mixture of Tetra, Setra, JBL, they need to pre-soak.

How to give write turtle

The animal feeds exclusively in the water, because needs extra security. However, to throw pieces of fish or liver to the aquarium is not necessary – then the water quickly clogged, and leftover food will rot quickly. The optimal way of feeding female – with tweezers.

To teach the turtle to this method, observe the following rules:

  1. Feeding can be arranged in one and the same time. In a few weeks the animal has formed a conditioned reflex, and will develop their own rhythm of life.
  2. While serving food tweezers 1 piece gently stretch the cat – she will take it and float away under water, since eating will be in the aquatic environment.
  3. Before you approach, it is desirable to get the turtle to remember his master's voice.
  4. Feeding on the floor and generally on land is eliminated – the whole procedure is performed only in the aquarium filled with clean water.
  5. If the turtle took a bite, but didn't want to eat it, better to leave it for some time one.
  6. Upon termination of feeding it is desirable to follow the remains of food and to remove them from the aquarium.

Experienced breeders have noted that the European pond turtle has a higher intelligence compared to land species. She responds to master his voice. But the bug often does not respond to the voice of another person, even if he deliberately to call her. Sometimes the animal takes the food even from the hands, however, it is rather the exception than the rule.

Along with food marsh turtle need to give vitamins. 2 times a week pet you can give a pinch of bone meal (it contains calcium, phosphorus necessary for the growth and strengthening of the shell), sprinkle it on beef liver.

Feeding frequency and portion size

Their main food is fish, which is given daily. Plant foods and offal, the meat is given once a week is better in the same day. Feeding mainly carried out daily (once a day), but sometimes there are days when the animal refuses to eat. The young eat often and in large quantities (up to 2 times a day), and more adults can easily do without feed for several days in a row.

The serving size is defined as half of the volume of the shell. You can take a piece of raw halibut, to estimate visually the size of the turtle and cut off half of a fish. It is not necessary to accustom the animal to large portions: overfeeding is harmful to health, and leftover food will quickly clog up the aquarium.

Do bog turtles

Animals are fed only with products described above. Among the prohibited feed can be listed:

  • any milk products;
  • red fish (salmon, trout, salmon, etc.);
  • fatty white fish (capelin, sprat, Baltic herring);
  • the gills and other innards of major cancers;
  • fatty meat, any animal fat;
  • caterpillars and other insects of unknown origin.

It is unacceptable to give the turtle "caught" food, flies, cockroaches, and also the first insect. They can be poisoned or poisonous, which animal can become sick and even die.

If at home to feed the bog turtle fish, crustaceans and other live foods, observing the correlations are given, the pet will feel very good. She will not only get the necessary calories, but will fill up stocks of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Due to the balanced diet and accurate dosage significantly reduced the risk of developing various diseases, so the turtle has a chance to live a full, long life.

What to eat bog turtles
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