What to eat river turtles

What to feed the river turtles

River turtles are willing to eat fresh fish, and fun to use almost all of its types.Therefore, to spend funds for the acquisition of such mixtures is impractical.

Turtle with the great pleasure eats meat, no matter it is fresh or frozen. To maintain the strength of the shell, in the menu of reptiles include aquatic mollusks, which are sold in pet stores.

Attention! Mollusks are considered a major source of many mineral elements, including calcium. Such food is a necessity of life for turtles.

Pet should always be in stock the following products:

  1. Lean meat, not necessarily raw. Turtle to cope with proposed to her piece, even if it is a decent size.
  2. River fish. Can be fed inexpensive varieties of fish without bones or with a minimum number of them. Product is raw, without heat treatment.
  3. Seafood cocktail of shrimp and squid will become an indispensable source of calcium. Given that fresh seafood on sale practically does not happen, buy frozen. For feeding the tortoise just defrost.
  4. Lettuce or cabbage leaves, dandelions. The main food of reptiles, plants can not be. Therefore, they are added to the diet for variety.

Importantly, well-organized menu. Every day it is recommended to offer the turtle, another kind of food.

It is impossible to give river turtles

The most dangerous products also include food and forage consumed by Pets. It is not recommended to feed a turtle at home:

  • fruits, especially citrus;
  • vegetables are fresh;
  • fatty meat or oily fish.

When choosing plant foods and insects need to be particularly careful. Be aware that many representatives of fauna and flora can be unsafe to reptiles. They are able to provoke poisoning, iodine deficiency, to interfere with the absorption of calcium.

The frequency of feedings and portion sizes

Juveniles and the younger generation need to be fed daily. Adult reptiles are fed through the day, sometimes in two, rarely in three days, it depends on the needs of the animal for food. Given that the river turtle belongs to the predators, it portions, eat for a day, should contain approximately 70% fish low-fat varieties, 20% raw meat and 10% insects or molluscs. Every five or six days, you can give raw beef or chicken liver.

In addition, turtles are fed a special dressing containing a large number of useful components, mainly calcium. But it should be done often. Sometimes added to the diet of plant food I give once a week. Reptiles love to eat dandelions, duckweed, algae and vegetation that inhabit bodies of water.

How to make river turtle is

Although turtles are quite gluttonous, there are times when they refuse to eat, hide in the shell and do not react to the host. The refusal of animal food is not always a cause for concern. This may indicate that the reptile to go into hibernation. If the dormancy period has not yet arrived or reptile is not going to go, but stubbornly refuses to eat, you can try to offer her to eat dandelions or lettuce. Perhaps the permanent diet of a turtle was just bored and I want something new.

To make the river turtle is, you can give her a small piece of bread. Reptiles generally do not give bread, as it can trigger liver disease. But a tiny piece, designed to whet the appetite, will not bring harm.

Reluctance to eat food can cause the regrown beak, which prevents the animal. This problem is solved by using pedicure or nail clipper. After the procedure, the appetite is restored.

Of great importance for the life of reptiles have their body temperature, by lowering which the animal begins to freeze and lose my appetite.

Knowing what to eat river turtles at home, whilst complying with the necessary requirements for feeding, you will be able to always keep the mood and maintain the health of your pet. The main thing for him is a full – bodied diet.

What to eat river turtles
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