How many times a day you need to feed the slider turtle

If too often to feed pond slider turtle in the first year of life, it can lead to serious consequences for her health:

  • digestive disorders — pet may regurgitate food in the stool you may notice undigested pieces; the inability to digest protein foods can lead to its decay in the digestive tract, the death of a baby;
  • obesity — the body rapidly increases due to the excess weight becomes more on the volume of the shell, the cause is usually a frequent consumption of fatty fish;
  • disproportionate development — the armor is too bulky, deformed due to rapid growth, takes a pyramidal form.
Deformation of the shell

Overeating leads to disease of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, which can become chronic and significantly reduce the lifetime of the pet.The little turtle is easier to collect all pieces of food in a shallow container, it will also teach her not to beg for food while in the main terrarium. After eating, the animal should be transplanted beneath the lamp.

How to feed adults

The owners often don't know how many times in a week to feed the big slider turtle, to avoid overeating. For the first 2-4 years of life of the young individual is gaining weight and growing in size. If the aquarium is supported by high fever, many Pets do not lose their appetite and actively begging for food noisily splashed water, and sometimes moving your island.

Other animals as they grow, becoming more likely to refuse to eat. It is also a variant of normal metabolism eventually slows down. Most veterinarians agree that the average feeding frequency for an adult water turtle — at least 2-3 times a week. If the pet eats less, a possible cause may be the development of the disease, so it is better to show it to the doctor.

The amount of food is calculated individually, depending on the activity of pet, size, time of year. You need to be careful as eating the turtle to calculate its optimal one-time rate. In the summer, the pet may beg for food more often due to the increasing photoperiod, increasing the activity, so you can increase portions. Sea turtles need both protein and plant foods, so the extra meals is better to take fresh greens.

IMPORTANT: to Feed turtles and sea turtles need only in the morning or afternoon because they sleep and metabolism slows down. If you feed a water turtle for the night, food may remain undigested, begin to ferment, to rot in the gut.

How many times a day you need to feed the slider turtle
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