Turtle is omnivorous, herbivorous or predator?


It is most tortoises:

  • Central Asian;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Indian;
  • Balkan;
  • panterova;
  • Egyptian etc.

95% of their menu is composed of feeds of plant origin: various weedy herbs (clover, dandelions), vegetables and fruits.Besides its digestive system can not cope with the digestion of heavy animal food, and the main source of nutrients, vitamins and moisture are plants.


It's almost all marine and freshwater turtles, which are also called carnivores:

  • marsh;
  • red;
  • leathery;
  • green;
  • olive;
  • Atlantic Ridley etc.

They are able to move fairly quickly in water with a speed of 15-20 km/h and above. Therefore, such animals are unable to grab small prey (crustaceans, fish fry, frogs, sometimes even the pigeons, walking along the shore), and break her by using the jaws and paws. The digestive system of carnivores is arranged differently, so the 80% they eat animal food, and 15% -20% of the plant. Therefore, we can say that it is an omnivorous animal.

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Slider turtles are also predators. They eat:

  • small fish;
  • caviar fish and frogs;
  • tadpoles;
  • crustaceans (Daphnia, bloodworms, koretra, etc.);
  • water and air insects.

The proportion of animal food in their diet is 80% and higher. A small part of the menu is plant food. Trachemys occasionally feed on duckweed, algae and other water grasses.

Turtle is omnivorous, herbivorous or predator?
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