How, where, and how much sleep the water the red-eared terrapins

How sleeping turtles

Aquatic turtles (red, swamp) can sleep both on land and under water.They reach the island, close my eyes, calm down and fall asleep. Some animals retract head and legs into the shell, while others are not. They leave the head extended and just close my eyes. This happens because they get used to a quiet environment, lack of predators and competitors.

However, trachemys can sleep in the water. In her lungs accumulates sufficient air supply which is enough for several hours. Pet sleeps in the water, plunging back or completely stands on its hind legs on the bottom of the aquarium, and the front rests on an island or other object. In this situation the pet may spend a few hours in a row.

When and how much you sleep.

The answer to this question is ambiguous, since each animal over time, your habits. Sleep duration and features of the biorhythms depend on several factors:

  1. Gender: it was found that males sleep longer than females. To distinguish males can be more powerful legs and long tail.
  2. Age: young individuals are very active, they can have the whole day to swim in the aquarium, to play, to run around the room, if the owners they will be released. As a result, these turtles fall asleep for a few hours, as people. They are tired and can sleep all night. Old turtle often falls asleep on the go, it is slow, behaves quietly, so the sleep she needs less.
  3. Health: if a pet is alert and behaving normally, her health is not threatened. But sometimes the animal may become sluggish, falls into a kind of hibernation for 5-7 consecutive days or more. Inexperienced owners may even think that reptile died, but actually she's just resting to regain strength.
  4. Individual characteristics: depends on them not the duration of sleep and biorhythms, i.e. the time of sleep and waking. The common law does not exist here: some turtles like to sleep during the day, and then make noise all night. Others, on the contrary, I fall asleep at night because during the day they prevent light and noise from people, household appliances, etc.

If the turtle sleeps too long or too little

In this case, you just need to observe the behavior of the animal. If the pet eats well, swims actively, communicates with other neighbors in the aquarium, ie, it behaves as usual, her health safe. Typically, such periods of instability over a few weeks, after which the red-eared terrapins spend the night in a familiar rhythm.

If the reptile is sleeping very little and behaves too active, she should see the vet. He will be able to clarify the reason of such behavior and prescribe sedatives and other drugs. If you turtle a lot, just a few hours, but Wake up, eat, swim, and go to sleep again, that is normal. If the sleeping turtle is not active, this may indicate the beginning of the development of the disease.

The only exceptions are those cases where the animal had gone into hibernation. This usually occurs during the autumn-winter season provided that the owner of a specially prepared ward. To do this for several days in a row lower the temperature in the aquarium, greatly reduce the portions or does not feed the turtle, etc.

Turtle sleeping or dead?

Sometimes the cat during sleep, like she died, because she:

  • doesn't move his head;
  • doesn't move his legs;
  • not waking up;
  • not powered;
  • does not float.

To accurately answer this question, it is necessary to bring a metal object to the eye. It can be a coin, jewelry and any other thing with Unsharp edges. If after contact with eyes abruptly leave in orbit, then the reaction is, and the turtle alive. If there is no reaction possible to ascertain the occurrence of death.

Trachemys asleep, like many other animals, a few hours a day. However, sleep duration and time of onset depend on the individual. Therefore, the owners it is important to study the habits of your pet to spot the symptoms of possible diseases, and also to understand that the turtle just went into hibernation.

How, where, and how much sleep the water the red-eared terrapins
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