Can a slider turtle hold no water

How turtle can live without water

Trachemys applies to reptiles animals that most of the time spend in the water.Therefore, turtle is forced to regularly take a sun bath.

The total duration of presence on land is 1-2 hours a day. It is the optimum time within which a reptile can do without water. However, if trachemys will be on the land for 3 hours or more, it starts to dry out the shell. This leads to the formation of small cracks that can get infected.

Thus, to keep this animal without water is strictly prohibited. Noted that is particularly sensitive to lack of moisture young individuals – they practically can't live on land. Adults are unable to do without the water environment during the day (max 3 days). However, it is better not to risk and not to allow the pet for a long time to escape from your aquarium.

The consequences of a long stay without water

If a water turtle escaped from the aquarium or the owner lost sight of it, the time it will live from 1 to 3 days, and then begin a serious health problems:

  1. The pet can get injured due to falling, collision with obstacles.
  2. It may get stuck in a narrow place, a secluded corner from which to find the bug will not immediately.
  3. The surface of the shell begins to flake and the skin appear mikrotreschinki.
  4. The skin is peeling off, the surface fades.
  5. The cracks penetrate fungi and other microorganisms, leading to inflammation and infectious diseases.
  6. In case of long staying outside the aquarium reptile becomes very sluggish for a while, loses appetite.

If trachemys remain without water on 4 days or more, she could die. To avoid this, you need to contain the turtle carefully and not let her take long walks in the apartment or on the street. If the turtle is lost and not appearing for hours, it is better to start active search. The animal could just be stuck or roll over, and to escape he fails.

To find it, it should pass all inaccessible places and to put them in a basin of water. If the pet is asleep, on awakening, he will find the capacity to embrace it. It is important to understand that trachemys won't be able to live long without water. No less dangerous was the fact that she very actively climbing in different places, so can be stuck anywhere in the gorge.

What if trachemys long been on dry land

Found pet need to gently pick up and inspect for damage. If injuries, missing cuts, from the surface you need to remove dirt, foreign objects and immediately place the animal in water (normal temperature from 25 OC to 28 oC). Next, the pet will start to be active – most likely, he will quickly dive into the interior and will stay some time in the aquatic environment.

If the animal stayed on land too long, he is clearly weakened and became lethargic. Therefore, you should provide it with sufficient amount of feed. In that case, if he was on the balcony or in a cool place, it's important to worry about warming up, i.e. turn on the lamp. If the health of the turtles for several hours does not improve, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Is it normal if the animal is constantly in the water

Slider turtle cannot be kept without water, however, to remain constantly in her aquarium, too bad. The pet must be reliable island to which he will come out to warm up. No less important is the skip bug, especially if the aquarium is not large enough (less than 100 liters). This should be done under the supervision, preferably indoors only, in order not to lose the turtle from view.

But the animal will still spend most of the time under water. And it can do without air for several hours in a row (world record of 10 hours and 14 minutes). Therefore, prolonged exposure of the turtles under water quite normally, if it is alternated with walks on the island and outside of the aquarium.

Completely without any aquatic environment you can do just tortoises. This collection includes 57 different animals, the most famous include:

  • Asian;
  • Central Asian;
  • Mediterranean;
  • radiant.

Thus, trachemys must have free access to water most of the time she will spend in this environment. But pet is also required and ground walking in a safe place. To remain on land more than 1-2 hours in a row is undesirable.

Can a slider turtle hold no water
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