The life expectancy of the red-eared terrapins

With proper care in the home slider turtles live an average of 30-35 years.The duration of the life of many other species more:

  • sea turtles live on average 80 years old.
  • Central Asian – 40-50 years;
  • Galapagos is about 100 years old.

Krasnowski not live so much as a sea turtle. But having these animals, it is necessary to understand their life at home. If the owner likes to frequently change their habits, leading an active lifestyle, is often missing at home, this satellite is not exactly his fit.

The maximum lifespan of the red-eared terrapins in the wild is 100 years. However, this exception, which can be considered a record for this species. Even if the individual has good health, she is forced constantly to hide from enemies – in the natural environment this bird of prey and animals (jaguars, foxes, etc.).

The life cycle of the red-eared terrapins

Pond slider turtle lives about three decades, and sometimes more. Therefore, by human standards, 1 year of human life is approximately equal to 2.5 years of living reptiles in the home. Then the life cycle of this animal can be represented as follows:

  1. After mating, the female goes on land and within a few hours makes a burrow out of the sand and soil.
  2. There she lays 6-10 eggs and buries them in sand.
  3. Then she goes back into the pond (or aquarium if propagated at home) and no longer cares about the offspring.
  4. After 2-5 months the eggs hatch the baby turtles. They are completely independent, but are quite vulnerable to predators. The cubs immediately go to the pond to hide under water or in the bushes from enemies.
  5. In the first 5-7 years of life reptiles are very active. Every year they grow to 1-1,5 cm in length. Individuals are fed daily, often 2 times a day, cheerfully to swim, and do not hibernate (under favorable temperature conditions). By the standards of human life reptiles 15 years ago ie it is a teenager.
  6. To achieve 6-7 years turtles reach sexual maturity – at this time is the first pairing. 2 months after courtship, the female lays eggs and the cycle repeats again.
  7. More Mature representatives (10-15 years of age and older) are not so active, they can take writing 2-3 times a week, behave more calmly. This corresponds to approximately 25-37 years of human life, i.e., this turtle is no longer a teenager, though still young.
  8. Old bug (older than 20 years) are quite lethargic, they sleep a lot both day and night. It is already a Mature individual – in the human dimension to be at least 50 years.
  9. Finally, about 30-35 years old turtle, which lived a whole life even in the good conditions, usually dies. This is already old by human standards, they are about 75 to 87 years.

Factors affecting life expectancy

Life at home is highly dependent on the care of a pet. In nature trachemys usually lives longer than the house. However, it is risking to die from predators or to serious injuries. Therefore, statistics shows that up to sexual maturity (6-8 years) survives only 10% of the turtles. And to a ripe old age live only 1%, i.e. 1 individual out of 100.

Home reptiles can live a long time, and the risk of death from injury and especially from predators virtually absent. However, improper care can dramatically decrease life – with enough high temperature, monotonous food the turtle can get sick and quickly die after a few years or even months.

Therefore, for the home slider turtles need to create favorable conditions and support over the years:

  1. In the home slider turtles live in the aquarium. Therefore, special attention is paid to the selection of containers. It should be durable, spacious and high enough.
  2. To maintain a high enough temperature (average 25-27 degrees) this capacity must be constantly illuminated lamp. Aquatic turtles like to climb to the surface and warm, so they need to ensure an island.
  3. Krasnowski relate to waterfowl, so they need to provide water. She always needs to remain pure – so that the reptile can become sick.
  4. It is essential to provide the animal balanced, varied diet. It must include not only fish, seafood, crustaceans, and vegetable food. Also food add calcium and vitamins, otherwise the little turtle will grow very slowly.
  5. For pet should be periodically monitored. It can be set free to walk and without the aquarium, but in this case the control shall be constant (not more than 2-3 hours). Otherwise the bug can get stuck, fall off, get hurt, etc.

Picking up a slider turtle, you should immediately realize that the animal is put is almost a lifetime. Therefore, the owner requires not only the availability of appropriate knowledge and skills, but also the desire to keep the pet as long as necessary. Then the pet really can live 30-40 years and even to set new records in longevity when kept in captivity.

The life expectancy of the red-eared terrapins
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