Life expectancy and other Central Asian tortoises at home

Tortoises in the nature of live from 30 to 250 years.Home Pets are often reducing the life of the pet by almost 2 times.


Lifespan tortoises large. Known as centenarians:

There is information from zoos, where it is noted that some specimens of box types reached the centenary. African spurred can live to 115 years old, Balkan – to 90-120 years, representatives of the elephant celebrated its 150th anniversary in captivity.

Snapping will also live an average of not less than one and a half centuries, and the Seychelles, and up to two hundred and fifty years.

Was the maximum age of the biggest land tortoise 250 years instead of 300, how can we not be singing in the guise of a tortilla in a movie about Pinocchio. And the bigger the reptile, the more long you can live with it, provided that nothing will happen that violate their way of life.

How many years living of the Central Asian tortoise

This species is most common in Russia and former CIS countries. To meet the owner of this pet is easy because the reptile does not care, calm, easy to tame, not aggressive.

The average life expectancy of Asian turtles in the wild is defined as 30-40 years. But in the records found in the monasteries of Jerusalem, contemporaries read about some of the individuals who were 100 or even 120 years.

The longest-lived among sredniaia is Marion, which is over 152 years old. This fact has been documented.

In the home land turtles live 15 to 20, at least 30 years. This is also a long period when compared with cats, rabbits and hamsters.

Important! Given the fact that the longevity of these reptiles need to consider their possibilities before you start an exotic pet. It is not recommended to do this older people who do not believe that you will live another 30 years, and in the event of their withdrawal from the life of someone willing to take on the responsibility to care for the animals.

Video: tips on how to live the Central Asian turtle up to 40 years

Life expectancy of pet turtles

Today, many animal lovers contain and other types of turtles, in addition to Central Asia. According to statistics, in captivity they can live:

  • Egyptian to 30;
  • star Indian up to 30;
  • Mediterranean from 35 to 40;
  • Balkan up to 50 years.

With proper care and optimally close to natural content pet can significantly longer to please their owners with their presence. An important role plays the feed base of the animal, temperature, moisture and lack of stressful situations.

What is needed to extend the life of

To the duration of life of the pet as much as possible properly to maintain it. You must observe the following rules:

  1. Terrarium reptiles must be at least 3 times the size of the animal.
  2. The diet of the reptile should do a variety, using mineral supplements and vitamins.
  3. The temperature should not be below 26 degrees and above 33.
  4. For the comfort of home tortoises need cover: an inverted plastic container or box with a cutout for the entrance.
  5. Extends the life of your pet at home using an ultra-violet lamp.
  6. Maintenance of cleanliness in the cage – the guarantee of health and longevity in reptiles.
  7. Food and drink should always be fresh and clean.
  8. At least once a week the animal should be bathe. But do not use hard brushes and shampoos. Enough water and soft sponge.
  9. In the terrarium it is recommended to install shallow pool of water from 20 to 24 degrees. The animal should be easy to get out on the land, but when submerged the head should remain outside.

What should be avoided when the content

Despite the apparent indifference to everything that surrounds her, the turtle can experience severe stress. If the Central Asian land turtles live in captivity, they are sensitive to the attitude of the owners. Loud sounds at home, rough screams break the usual calm atmosphere and can cause an animal to a nervous breakdown. Therefore, you should make a point of following postulates:

  1. Be careful in handling the reptile, do not drop the animal and not scare sharp sounds. If the pet children play, adults need to monitor the process.
  2. If you notice in the behavior or appearance of reptiles anything weird, not to delay the inspection of the veterinarian. Refusal of food, changing the shape of the carapace, lethargy, appearance of tumors and ulcers – signs of the disease.
  3. Buying a new armored reptiles that spend for them to be quarantined for months. At this time, future neighbor should live separately.
  4. Do not keep in the same terrarium reptiles of different species.
  5. If the reptile escaped from the aquariumand find it fails, place in a bowl of water and a favorite food of the pet. Turtles have good vision, they will react quickly to a snack and water.
  6. Remember that water depth should allow your pet easily look out and keep her on the surface.
  7. Install in the aquarium two thermometers: one for water, another for air.


Experts argue that the maturity of reptiles depends on its habitat. If the animal lives in the wild, the female becomes capable of laying eggs in 10 to 15 years. Males Mature much earlier than in 5-6 years they can impregnate a girl.

Important! You should not force the tortoises to break the life cycle and produce offspring before that time, as it lies in their nature.

Some reptile breeders claim that their pet themselves began to Express willingness to procreate in 4 — 5 years. In fact, this can not be allowed. It's just affected by improper maintenance of the animal.

If I may judge by human standards, the reptile (females) in 4 years everything else is early adolescence, comparable to the 10-12 year old girls. Like a child creeper may be fertilized and even lay eggs. Another question, how will this affect the health of the turtle and her offspring.

Therefore, experts strongly forbid to contain young females up to 10 years together with males.

Since the average life expectancy of reptiles 30-40 years, after 25 years in the Central Asian land turtles old age. But some females can still lay eggs.

But in this age reptiles produce offspring is a very serious burden on the body. So you need to prevent this. It is best to limit contact with others elderly females and males, under the age of twenty.

So that the pet has lived in captivity for a long time, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances of their proper maintenance.

Life expectancy and other Central Asian tortoises at home
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