The speed with which I run and swim land and sea turtles

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  • Movement speed on land

    Reptiles, paws which in appearance are more like flippers go with less convenience, but not always slower.Escape, in every sense of the word, i.e. in some point not to touch the earth, the reptile could not. But if necessary, they are able to significantly accelerate.

    Run fast turtles breed spineless. Due to the weak ossification and flat form of the shell they are able to rapidly accelerate to a high rate. The maximum speed of a turtle on land 15 km/h.

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    The juveniles faster than adults from this in the wild depends on their lives.

    Marine rocks on land feel awkward, because of the structure of the paws, more like flippers. They are significantly inferior in walking speed freshwater species, but to provide serious competition for land.

    The speed of land turtles are often lower than in freshwater species. Vegetarian food does not need to catch up, so the evolution of the primary means of protection chosen shell. In cases of danger it is enough to hide the head and legs.

    The speed limit tortoises do not exceed 0.7 km/h. Officially recorded record set by individuals of leopard rock and is 0.9 km/h.

    Most slow among land recognized by the Seychelles giant tortoise. In a minute she is able to travel up to of 6.17 meters, as its rate does not exceed 0,37 km/h.

    A little faster run turtles breed gopher and star, about 0.13 m/c. At the same time they can cover 7.8 m.

    The average speed of tortoises is 0.51 km/h.

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    The Central Asian land owners note that Pets are active and inactive. The Central Asian tortoise per hour can pass 468 meters. Its speed does not exceed 12 cm/s. For reptiles does not pose the problems of adverse soil. Steep slopes and loose material underfoot can't keep her from moving forward.

    Movement speed in water

    Land types can pass some time to hold in water, but many species can't swim. Long stay out of the water dangerous for animals. Feet without webbed feet and elongated nodular structure of the shell are not designed for racing in the waters.

    In freshwater turtles is provided between the fingers, ear, carapace low and smooth. This allows them to develop an impressive pace. Dynamics contributes to the successful hunting of fish and aquatic animals.

    Large leatherback turtles swim at a rate 14 times higher than the indicators of the Greenland shark and is approximately equal to the speed of the whale.

    The rate of sea turtles in the water, as streamlined, oval carapace and the front legs are in the form lastow very helpful at depth. On average, they are superior in this freshwater species.

    Examples of swimming speed for sea rocks:

    • sea turtle — 18 km/h;
    • green sea — 32 km/h;
    • leatherback turtle — 35 km/h.

    The speed with which the turtle floats depends not only on its physical data. On the ability to influence the direction of flow, density and temperature of the water.

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    The speed slider turtles

    In their natural habitat diet red beauties for 40% protein. In the food used clams and small fish. Minute river fish, on average, support a speed of 0.3 m, and can reach 2m/c that does not preclude the hunting of reptiles. The turtles swim at a speed of 5-7 km/h and a top speed of slider turtles may exceed these figures.

    On land trachemys slightly inferior to their own records in the ponds. When danger threatens the animal tend to hide in the nearest water source where he feels more confident.

    Trachemys is a leader in mobility among nurses in appearance. A day it can overcome a few kilometers. Combined with good the reproductive system, it allows reptiles to quickly learn new areas and to compete with their inhabitants. Trachemys included in the official list of “100 most dangerous invasive species” by IUCN.

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    The speed with which I run and swim land and sea turtles
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