Mating turtles

How to know the sex of the turtles?

Reptiles weakly pronounced sexual dimorphism, so at first glance to distinguish males from females is difficult.When a large number of individuals occur between males fighting for the best female.

Marital flirting

The male is showing more interest in the opposite sex, if his fiancee conquered in battle. In the period of sexual activity turtle exhibit greater mobility to call their silent and slow-moving creatures would be ill-advised.

During the mating period, the male, seeing the subject of "admiration" pulls his head out of the shell and shakes it up and down, demonstrating their loyalty and favor. He then approaches the female and hits her head on the shell, nibbling at the edges, trying to touch her head. Sometimes bites her feet.

Taking care of the particular fairer sex, the male usually utters sounds resembling the barking of a puppy. The female is able to answer him enlistment "singing". If she's trying to evade marital debt, then the male bites her paws until, until it to obey and not take it.

From sea turtles courtship ritual is somewhat different: the male swims up to the selected date and tickles claws of the front paws her neck or hitting her armour on her, showing their location. Courtship can last for several days.

This is interesting: During turtle fights, males are aggressive and fight for life and death. The result can be the death of the weakest rival.

Video: mating turtles trachemys

Mating reptiles in nature

Turtles usually mate in nature, if the environment is suitable. The presence of the warm rays of the sun, the beginning of spring, the increasing daylight, the abundance of food causes the release of blood of sex hormones, which leads reptiles to a state of "combat readiness". In marine turtles the process of flirting and mating occurs in the aquatic environment.

Sexual intercourse typically proceeds in the following way:

  1. The male crawls (swims) to the DOE in the back and partially climbs on her back.
  2. The tail he has placed under the trunk, guiding the penis into the cloaca of the female.
  3. The male performs rhythmic movements and screams during mating.
  4. The sexual act lasts about 2-5 minutes, but if the male is not confident in the result, a couple of times he repeats his actions for reliability.
  5. When copulation ended, the male emits a victorious shout in response, you can hear the faint sounds of a female.

This is interesting: For the European species has a characteristic "hard sex" bordering on violence. The male behaves rudely, repeatedly striking the carapace of the chosen one and biting her paws. If she runs away from him, he catches up and continues to bite, expecting complete obedience.

Ivory (Galapagos) tortoises – the largest representatives of this group on Earth. One male weighs the same as four adult men. The life expectancy of the giants is 100 years old, and sexual maturity as they reach the 10-20 years. The male is larger than females and when mating produces sharp sounds, sticking out tongue and blowing spittle. Despite regular fertilization, it brings offspring every 10 years, and the clutch is usually not more than 22 eggs.

Videos: mating elephant turtle

Mating tortoises in captivity

At home reptiles rarely reproduce. This should be created conditions close to natural. If the animals feel comfortable and meals quite high in calories, the more often they mate from February to may, but your can be any time of the year.

To stimulate the desire to make love can have placed in the terrarium a couple of males. The battle for the female leads them into a state of sexual arousal, which increases the desire to mate. Although this is a dangerous technique, which may lead to the death of one of the partners.

Better if the process will take place on the territory of the female, where it is necessary to plant a male. On your living space, it behaves more aggressively and may injure feet. After fertilization it becomes evil and cruel towards "mother", so a pregnant turtle need to transplant to a different enclosure.

Note: Pregnancy turtle last two months, the same amount of time is required for the maturation of the eggs embryos. To breed the turtle needs to eat well, she needs to make a nest. Separately to create the incubator, which will Mature the eggs. All this requires specific knowledge and skills.

Video: pairing the Central Asian land turtles

Mating aquatic turtles in captivity

The female, ready to breed, is restless, often refuses to eat. To pair of reptiles, they must be placed in a separate tank with water temperature of +25C. After the ritual of flirting and mating, the female is fertilized in the water.

In the period of mating and mating of animals not to be disturbed with unnecessary sounds, picked up brightly to illuminate the tank. Reptiles should not feel any vibration. Fuck the turtles for 5-15 minutes and the entire process occurs in the aquatic environment.

Sperm is deposited in the genital tract of females up to 2 years, allowing you to spend it frugally: the stock is enough for 5-6 batches of eggs. The turtle orgasm-the male is obvious, its symptoms can be observed in the video. Fascinated by the interesting process, he can push her feet down, which limits its ability to breathe. It is necessary to consider pouring water in the aquarium no deeper than 10 cm.

Then the female bears offspring, trying to choose a convenient place to create walls. At home one the clutch consists of 2-6 eggs which are taken to the incubator where after 2 months born little turtles. They don't need help to get out of the shell, they should do it alone.

The process of mating turtles in captivity is difficult and requires a competent, professional approach. If you are attentive to their Pets four months after fertilization, eggs will see a cute "kids" and number of your favorite reptiles will increase significantly.

Video: pairing wetland turtles

Mating turtles
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