Do all turtles know how to swim?

So you can not answer Yes to the question whether all turtles can swim.It is known that training give:

Experienced owners train their Pets so:

  1. They pour water temperature of 35oC in a container (suitable basin) so that the first turtle to freely reach the bottom of the legs, but also had a little paddle to stay on the surface.
  2. After several days of training at this level, the water pour a few inches.
  3. The turtle starts confident to paddle and stay on the surface. Then the level can be increased by 2-3 cm, and to observe the behavior of the nursling.

During training, you need to constantly watch the animals and at the first danger to get a pet to the surface. The risk that he will go down, not excluded.

It is therefore unacceptable to put capacity for navigation in the terrarium. In the absence of observation, the reptile may simply drown.

Do all turtles know how to swim?
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