What is needed for the water content of the red-eared terrapins

  • The heater in the cool water reptile quickly catch a cold, the heater needs to keep water temperature not lower than 23-25 degrees.
  • Shelf or island — the pet be sure to periodically get out of the water, on land, the first stages of digestion; can be used as a regular island and the bulk soil separated from water by a partition; it is important there is a gentle descent to the turtle was easy to get out of the water.
  • Bulb — suitable for models up to 75 watts, the lamp sits on an island and usually stays on throughout the day, performing the role of the additional heater; the temperature under the lamp should be around 28-32 degrees.
  • UV lamp — body tortoises need UV light to digest food, to absorb calcium and other useful elements; suitable devices marked with UVB or UVA — this lamp should turn on every day for a few hours, usually after meals.
  • Filter to purify water from waste pet, you will need to acquire internal (suitable for tanks up to 50 l) or a more powerful external filter; for large tanks it is better to choose models with additional bio section- these filters purify and enrich the water with nutrients with the help of colonies of bacteria (to ensure the operation of the biofilter requires the installation of aeration).
  • For the red-eared terrapins in the aquarium also need to pour a layer of soil a few centimeters in width.Such materials are also hard to wash out, they often breed dangerous bacteria.


    The aquarium for the red-eared terrapins can install additional items that will make it look more spectacular and diversify the life of the pet:

    • the grotto or arch in the pet stores offer a variety of ceramics or shells, which will replace the standard island and will decorate the aquarium;
    • plants — artificial models of plastic or silk look very beautiful in water, but can be dangerous for the animal(the turtle can bite off and swallow small bits of plastic or fabric); live plants to decorate the aquarium, but will require extra care and can also be eaten by the animal;
    • decorative elements — beautiful sea shells or granules of colored glass, located on the ground, will make the aquarium aesthetically pleasing, and interesting driftwood shapes will help to diversify the landscape;
    • heater-cord — located under the soil layer and frees up more space for navigation.
    • thermometer — although to measure the temperature of water and air , you can use homemade thermometers, it is better to purchase a special device for installation in the tank;
    • aeration is required when installing the biofilter or in the presence of living plants, but the waves rising bubbles also decorate and enliven the aquarium;
    • the ladder or ladder — a place of descent into the water can be improved by using special strips of plastic or glass, with a ribbed surface, so that the turtle does not slip under the weight of its weight. Sold with ladders mounted on the surface of pebbles or a pile of plastic that simulates the grass — a coverage is often set on the island itself;
    • otsadnik — a separate container in which to collect water and planted the turtle at feeding time; in a small space pet easier to catch pieces of food, and uneaten food pollute the water in the main aquarium.

    To a beautiful place in the aquarium and keep in order all the accessories for aquatic turtles, it is recommended to purchase a special Cabinet-stand. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the size and strength of the product on the surface of the cabinets should fit the aquarium, external filter and lighting system. In domestic offices must be enough space to hide the wires from the devices and everything necessary to care for turtle objects.

    What is needed for the water content of the red-eared terrapins
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