Nicknames for turtles how it is possible to call a boy or a girl?

Select the name of the new pet is a big decision, borne on the shoulders of a newly minted master.

Analyze the main factors that make the right choice, and consider possible names for the turtles, depending on species and gender.

Basic rules and factors assistants

Unlike warm-blooded animals turtles often focus on unconditional reflexes.This is due to the dependency of herbivorous pet from the owner.

Choosing a name for a turtle, pay attention to:

    1. Euphony. Long name Sizzling letters are hard to pronounce on a regular basis. Avoid hurtful nicknames, making fun of the dignity of reptiles.
    2. Appearance. Proceed from:
      and. Size. Large specimens approach the majestic names, emphasizing their loftiness (Atlas, Titan, Henry, Themis, Rhea, Cleopatra).
      b. Color of the carapace. Unusual albino can be called an iceberg, Snowball or Avalanche.
    3. Character. Restless and active reptiles, cleaving the water in the pool is suitable nickname Schumacher or Storm.
    4. Habitat. Land reptiles you can select the names associated with the earth (Sand, Gravel, dune).

Nicknames for ground and red girls

Long reflections related to the analysis of behavioral characteristics, can be avoided by choosing one of the popular names in the letter of the alphabet:

  • A – Aisha, Ada;
  • B – Bonia, Betsy;
  • In VEGA, Wendy;
  • G – Gloria, Gretta;
  • D – Darcy, Delta;
  • E – Eve, Elena;
  • W – Susan, Geneva;
  • Z – Zara, Zita;
  • And Irma, Inga;
  • To Clara, Kylie;
  • L – Laura, Lena;
  • M – March, Margot;
  • N – Nick Bliss;
  • About – Audrey, Oprah;
  • P – Peggy, Paula;
  • R – Ruby Rose;
  • S – Selena, Sabrina;
  • T – Tracy, Tina;
  • U – URSA, Winnie;
  • F – Faya, Flora;
  • X – Chloe, Helga;
  • C – Ciara, Peel;
  • H – Culti, Chelsea;
  • Sh – Shae Shiva;
  • E – Abby, Alice;
  • Yu – Utah, Yumi;
  • I – Java, Jasper.

The presented list can be supplemented its variants, so the limb is determined only by the imagination of the author.

Names for turtles girls, you can choose more carefully.


Small reptiles can be given a name bead, Mini or Tiny, and the owner of an impressive shell – Stella, Bomb or Ceres (with a hint of one of the largest of the asteroids).

In color the shell

The green female will approach the nickname Olive, green or Kiwi, and yellow – gold, Jantar or pineapple.

The nature

The quiet shy girl can be called a Lada, tishey or Sonia, and her more agile friend, Fury, Torpedo, or Pain.

The habitat

Slider turtle can be named, associated with the water element (Wave, Dew, Foam), and the land – from the earth (Sugar, sand, Terra).

In addition to the proposed options can be called the turtle girl by any other name that came to mind, using:

  1. Hobby. Funny nickname you can get from my own Hobbies: Rumba, IPA, Samba, Toast, Palette, Claudia.
  2. Any movie stars and characters of the books. Wondering how to name the turtle, and scroll to the head the names of the characters from your favorite TV series or books. Female names from middle earth (Arwen, eowyn, Varda, Indis, of Merial) will give reptiles of mystery and wisdom.
  3. Historical figures. Use the names of the women who changed the world: Marie Curie (first woman to receive the Nobel prize), Ada Lovelace (first programmer), grace Hopper (developer of the first compiler for programming languages).
  4.  Turtles-Champions. The very lazy water turtle is recognized as a Cantor from Cambodia. If the pet refuses to leave his house or hiding at the bottom of the pool, the best nicknames ever.

Nicknames for ground and red boys

Names for turtles boys you can choose according to a similar algorithm based on alphabetic letters:

  • A – Archie, Adam;
  • B – Barry, Bucks;
  • In Whiskey, Winnie;
  • Mr. Hans, Gray;
  • D – Donnie, Darwin;
  • E – Eureka, Evsey;
  • W – Julien, Jora;
  • Z – Zeus, Zachary;
  • And – Iris, Icarus;
  • To Carl, Cooper;
  • L – Lexus, Leon;
  • M – Marty, Mikey;
  • N – Nike, Nemo;
  • O – Oscar, Opal;
  • P – Plato, Pascal;
  • R – Richie, Riddick;
  • With Spikes, Cedric;
  • T – Thomas Tyson;
  • At – Walt, Wayne;
  • F – Falk, FLC;
  • X – Harvey, Horace;
  • C – Caesar, Cephas;
  • CH – Chip, Chucky;
  • Sh – Sherwood, Sherlock;
  • E – Edwin, Edgar;
  • Yu –Julius, Eustace;
  • I – Yankees, Arwood.

A good nickname must accurately describe the pet, so when you select a name, note the following characteristics.


A small bug can be dubbed the Runt, the Dwarves or Crumble, and a large male with Muscle, a warrior or a Rock.

The color of the shell

The turtle boy can be called a pattern on it carapace: Chess or Pastrick.


Bog turtles are excellent swimmers, skillfully control his tail as a rudder. Because of the speed river reptile is often called a Blizzard, Hurricane or Wostream.


A land tortoise can be called a name that emphasizes its natural element (the Gobi desert, the dry wind, Karakum). Krasnokam you can pick up something from the marine theme: a Storm, a Sailor, a Flurry.

For unusual mens names, feel free to use your favorite topics or well-known personalities:

  1. Hobby. Funny nicknames out gamers carrying the usual slang for a pet. Even banal dad takes a completely different meaning, stressing the authority of the reptiles. If we talk about the programmers, in the category of classics includes Pets named Linux or Zuhel.
  2. Any movie stars and characters of the books. Most popular turtle names belong to famous Quartet with an adorable April. Don't attempt to adhere full compliance with the characters. The name can borrow from the funny mouse Pinky or a brave lion cub Simba.
  3. Historical figures. Interesting names can be taken from the explorers: Vespucci, Vasco de Gama, Jacques Cousteau.
  4. Turtles-Champions. Majestic pet can be called Arkhelon, in honor of the most gigantic sea turtles. A believer in the magic of names is to try the name Jonathan, belonging to the oldest turtle.

Twin names

When the content of several Pets you can pick up a pair of names depending on gender:

  • 2 males Louis Vuitton, Twix and Tempo, Chip and Dale Beavis and Butthead, Batman and Robin;
  • 2 females – Gloria and jeans, Dosya and FAE, bounty and milky, Belka and Strelka, Carrie and Samantha;
  • male and female – Kurt and Courtney, Yin and Yang, Adam and eve, Ozzy and Sharon, Shrek and Fiona.

Nicknames in English

Popular nicknames in the English language characterizing features of the pet:

  • size – big and little, fat and Skinny, Heavy and light;
  • color and shape – black and white, green and chess, flat and Stip;
  • nature – speedy and Slowly, Sleepy and Harty, Shay and Wayne;
  • habitat – Aqua and Land, Rock and lake, meadow and river.

The advantage of the English names – their versatility allows you to apply to animals of both sexes.

IMPORTANT! Unknown gender is not a problem. If small age does not understand gender identity, then use any generic names: Jari, Sheba, sirri, Cleo, Mad, Alfie, Mara.

Don't be afraid to experiment with names. If the nickname Maturin (famous reptile of the universe king of horror) sounds unusual to the ear, but ideal wise pet, do not hesitate. Remember that to navigate better, as the turtles respond to the name only in exceptional cases.

Nicknames for turtles how it is possible to call a boy or a girl?
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