How to know the sex of aquatic turtles turtles, the distinguishing features of males and females

Gender differences in turtles

2 year of life the female develops faster than the male, therefore, is large.Claws allow it to demonstrate the power of possible rivals, and are used to maintain balance during mating, when the male climbs on the shell of the beloved one.

Females can be recognized by its short and blunt claws, which are not meant for battles with other individuals.

IMPORTANT! The reason blunt claws may be due to the wrong material used for island sushi. Also, sex determination is complicated by the juveniles with immature and old claws of reptiles, Stoch claws in my long life.


To find out the sex of your pet can be on the shell. Carefully read each of its sides:

  1. The plastron. The female can be identified by flat plastron and males on the concave side plates of the peritoneum.
  2. Carapace. To distinguish slider turtle a boy from a girl can be lengthened and elongated shape of the carapace, resembling the letter "V". The girls form a carapace more rounded, and closer to the tail they have a special hole for laying eggs.

IMPORTANT! Marine and freshwater turtles do not like neglect, so attack the offenders who dared to flip them over. In the survey keep a pet over the edge of a carapace, located near the tail. It will protect from the strong jaws of the reptile are not able to reach designated areas.


The main difference between the male and female genitals. Do turtles male they are located in the tail, so the width and length talking about sex:

  • long and wide at base tail tapering towards the end, belongs to males;
  • a short and rounded tail, having the same thickness along its entire length, is found only in females.

The act of defecation in males, is often accompanied by eversion of the penis. In this case, to distinguish between trachemys turtles becomes quite simple.

IMPORTANT! Inside-out member needs to get in touch. If this does not happen, then you should check the pet to the loss of the cloaca.


To determine the gender of a water turtle trachemys using the cloaca. For this you need to find out how far from the shell it is and what form it takes:

  1. Males. The cloaca is removed from the shell and located at the end of the first third of the tail from the base, like a straight line without bends.
  2. Females. The cloaca is located near the edge of the carapace near the base of the tail and resembles the shape of a star.

Other signs

In addition to these features to distinguish the female from the male slider turtles at:

  1. The shape of the muzzle. The face of a female aquatic turtles rounded and the males is pointed to the tip of the nose.
  2. Color. Belonging to the masculine gender can be determined by saturated and bright red stripes, typical of all red Pets. Maximum color saturation is noted in the mating season. Females can be distinguished by the pale color of the head, yellow nose.
  3. Size. To distinguish the sex of reptiles of the same age is not difficult. Impressive females are explained by the necessity of carrying unborn offspring.

IMPORTANT! Sometimes the size does not help. If the female is smaller than the average parameters, and the male – more, the results will be distorted.

Behavioral characteristics

To find out boy or all-girl appeared in the family observe the habits.

Active turtle, fit in any showdown with its red partner, and with high probability has the male. The female is distinguished by a large composure. They prefer to peacefully hide in a shell and think about the eternal.

If the expense of a small pond slider turtles can be no doubt, the adult must be given the mating season. Active sexual behavior of males cannot be left unnoticed. It is accompanied by:

  • a variety of demonstrations, entrancing the attention of a favorite with females;
  • active pursuit and biting the females legs and neck;
  • specific potrazivanje head;
  • battle of the shells with other males competitors.

IMPORTANT! In addition to the unusual movements of males produce often attracting the squeak, but the sound successfully reproduce some females. At a young age females not only produce similar mating sounds, but imitate mating behavior. This interesting feature takes place when growing up.

Medical research

If after all manipulations to understand the sex and failed, then you can consult a medical studies. Use this method only after the full maturation of the ovaries or testes.

IMPORTANT! Improper maintenance of the reptile is disturbed hormonal balance, which reduces the reliability of the results.

When sex determination is used:

  • a blood test for the hormone that defines the male at increased levels of testosterone;
  • Ultrasound showing the presence or absence of ovarian follicles;
  • x-ray, giving a picture of the penis of the male in the picture.

For the reliability of the information obtained, it is important to proceed step by step. Sex determination the red-eared terrapins should be performed using all the proposed methods. When crossing the results without allowing confidence to carry pet to a particular gender, trust the vet.

Video: sexing red turtles on the example of two heterosexual individuals

How to know the sex of aquatic turtles turtles, the distinguishing features of males and females
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