How to tell a boy turtle from a girl, the characteristics of males and females

the choice of nicknames lovers of reptiles begin to wonder who they have: a boy or a girl? There are some physiological signs that help to distinguish the female from the male.

How to determine the sex of a turtle

Reliably to determine the sex and age of the turtles at home is possible only after the young turtles sexual maturity.Do not trust the unscrupulous sellers who find gender differences in very young babies.

To find out the exact age of reptiles is problematic. Tortoises are not artificially bred, they are caught from natural habitat and brought to Russia. Trachemys turtles bred in Europe, but the pace of growth depends entirely on the conditions. To recognize the exact age of a turtle by the length of the carapace, counting the number of rings and change the color of the shields is almost impossible.

Reptiles do not have external sex characteristics, sex determination of a turtle is made in the form of the carapace, claws, abdomen, tail, cloaca. In the conditions of veterinary clinics to find out the sex of a turtle by using different diagnostic techniques: ultrasound, radiography, laboratory analysis of blood on hormones. But you should not put extra stress exotic pet to determine the sex of a turtle is a snap, after a careful study of their different appearance and behaviors of heterosexual individuals.

The main features of sex determination in turtles

To determine sex of a pet, step by step, it is recommended to compare the anatomical differences between different individuals of the same age and species. In order to understand what gender the turtle lives in a terrarium or aquarium, it is advisable to pay attention to the following secondary sexual characteristics.


To distinguish the turtle boy from a girl by the shape of the shell can, if its length is not less than 10 cm, before reaching the age of sexual maturity, the turtles all look like females. The female must carry the eggs for future offspring, accordingly, its carapace larger and bulkier than males of the same age. The males are narrow and elongated form of protective "armor".


The plastron is the lower part of the shell, which many owners of reptiles called the "abdomen". In order to study in detail the differences of the belly of reptiles, it is necessary to put two individuals on the back. Turtles do not like to be in a similar position and try to bite the offender, therefore, with this method of sex determination it is necessary to observe safety precautions. To understand lives at home turtle male or female, can be in the form of the plastron. Nature has created a reptiles gender differences, necessary for procreation. Plastron in girls has a flat surface, and the boys – concave, whereby during mating the male is held on the body of the females.

It should also pay attention to the shape of the rear portion of the abdomen of a pet. Females differ by the rounded shape of the plastron, males have a distinctive triangular notch in the lower part, the necessary protection of the tail during mating. Most clearly this recess is pronounced in freshwater turtles.


To distinguish floors from pet turtles can be directly on the size of the shell. The kids have practically the same height and body length at a tender young age, but after puberty females begin to develop much more intense. To determine a female quite easily when compared to Mature turtles of different sexes, the male amid female looks much more compact and smaller.

This method is not suitable for sex determination in wild reptiles, Galapagos, South African cloverway, desert, box, swamp, and yellow silt turtles male is much larger than the females of their species.


To determine the sex of a turtle by the tail is easy, if you have the opportunity to simultaneously compare several species of reptiles. At the tail of the turtle is the penis, so boys are different from girls more than a long tail with a broad base. The tail of the female species are the oviducts, the females are graceful, short and thick tail with a thinner base. Sometimes while bathing bowel movement or manipulation of the rear part of the body of males from the tail of his beautiful penis, similar to a rose flower. If you touched it with your hand, body instantly collapses and hides back. Upon detection of this feature the owner will not be no doubt about the sex of your pet.


Check the floor turtle, can also according to the form of the cloaca – the expanded end of the rear intestine, which is at all reptiles, amphibians, birds and some species of fish and mammals. Females turtles are endowed with a lovely shape of the cloaca in the form of stars, located near the base of the short tail. Males differ in both the shape of the end part of the intestine, resembling a longitudinal line, so the location of the cloaca in males is located in the lower third of the long-tail.


The definition of gender slider turtles also made in the shape of the claws of the forelimbs. The male freshwater turtles have long, powerful claws that are required for retention of males on the females shell during mating. This feature is characteristic for the majority of males in freshwater and marine reptiles. But as an exception, nature has given females a large African leopard turtle, long claws on its hind legs, which women are reproductively Mature during the oviposition.

The shape of the nose

The boys have a neat slider and a pointed nose than girls of the same species. In addition, sex can be determined by the tone of the red stripes behind the eyes of freshwater reptiles. On attainment of puberty in males, longitudinal stripe becomes bright red characteristic color compared to the more pale shade of females of this species.

Femoral spur

Tortoises nature has given sexual difference is the presence of large skin growths on the thighs of the hind limbs. The femoral spur is found only in males of the land turtles.

Eye color

Eye color is not an accurate basis for sexual differences in reptiles. Girls bog turtles – yellow eyes, and boys – brown, in females the Carolina box tortoise – brown, men's red. This feature can be used in conjunction comparison the other anatomical differences between heterosexual individuals.


Behavior of exotic Pets, especially during puberty, there are boys and girls from all types of reptiles. Females most often have a calm shy disposition, for males characteristic navyazchivye flirting and courting any girl. If several males have the same object of interest, they can start a bloody battle with significant injuries.

The systematization of the received data by comparing all sexual characteristics allows almost unmistakably to distinguish a girl turtle from a boy in the Mature age. And female and male pet reptiles live and delight their long enough.

How to tell a boy turtle from a girl, the characteristics of males and females
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