How to know how old the turtle trachemys

The main methods of age determination

There are 3 main ways of determining the age of red pet-sensitive:

  • the length of the shell, increasing annually by a certain value depending on gender;
  • the number of rings forming the pattern on carapace;
  • external changes in growing reptiles.

The validity of the results is not high because the external features of the home turtles depend on:

  • amenities of vivariums;
  • the number of migrated Spacek;
  • the balance of power;
  • the basic rules of care.

The size of the shell

In order to know how many years the turtle trachemys measure the length of a carapace.At this age, females are ahead of the curve, increasing speed with each subsequent year.

IMPORTANT! To understand the age of 18 cm becomes problematic, as growth slows, reducing the accuracy of the values.

The dependence of age on size and sex of the carapace of the reptile as follows:

Length of carapace (cm) Age (years)
Male Female
2,5-3 2,5-3 less than 1
3-6 3-6 1-2
6-8 6-9 2-3
8-10 9-14 3-4
10-12 14-16 4-5
12-14 16-18 5-6
14-17 18-20 6-7
at least 17 at least 20 7 more

Annual rings

The age of the red-eared terrapins can be found on the pattern formed on her shell.

With the growth of reptiles, the accumulation of filamentous proteins – β-keratins involved in the formation of the claws and carapace. Line folding in the circles on the armor-clad shields have a certain regularity in its appearance:

  1. The rapid growth of young animals is accompanied by increased production of keratin. To 2 x the age of the shield bug contains about 6 rings.
  2. After 2-years of age the process of growth slows down. Annually increases from 1 to 2 new rings.

The exact number of years are calculated in the following way:

  1. Determine the number of annular grooves on multiple flaps.
  2. Calculate the arithmetic mean, in order to increase the accuracy of the final result.
  3. Reduce the resulting value by 6 to get the number of rings acquired over years of life after 2 years.
  4. Calculate a presumptive number of years, dividing the resulting value by the average number of rings that appear after 2 years.

EXAMPLE: If the arithmetic mean is 15, the pet of 6 years. The formula for calculation will look as follows: (15-6)/1,5=6

This method is suitable for reptiles over 7 years old, but too old for useless individuals lose a clear pattern on the flaps.

External changes

To determine how many years purchased the turtle carefully inspect her appearance:

  1. The rings on the plastron. If you have rings, the animal came to light recently and he was not more than 1 year.
  2. The intensity of the color. The carapace of young turtles has a light green color and clear the keratin line, and behind the eyes are scarlet stripes. The appearance of dark armor and maroon color of the spots suggests that the turtle at least 4 years.
  3. The size of the shell. On the large size of the carapace has an oval shape, it is possible to judge that the bug is already 5 years old.
  4. Worn keratin line. Loss of definition line begins with 8 years.
  5. The compressed ring. If the lines are close to each other, then reptiles for about 15 years.
  6. Smooth carapace with chips and roughness on both parts. Complete loss of the pattern due to the smooth lines and frayed flaps indicate that the turtle — survivor who turned 15 years of age.

The age of turtles by human standards

The life trachemys turtles in the wild is 30 years. In captivity, reptiles live only 15 years, but with proper care is able to overtake the performance of its wild relatives and to reach the mark of 40 years.

If count turtle age by human standards, it is necessary to take into account 2 important measures:
The average life expectancy. At home the turtles, she is 15 years old, the man – about 70 years.

The physiological maturity. At home reptiles become sexually Mature already to 5 year life. People have the sexual maturity is reached in 15 years.

According to the considered indicators, the approximate ratio is as follows:

Age turtles (years) Age by human standards (years)
1 3
2 6
3 9
4 12
5 15
6 27
7 31
8 36
9 40
10 45
11 50
12 54
13 59
14 63
15 70

In the wild males are aquatic turtles ready to breed since 4 years. It helps animals to save their species from extinction due to the early disease and the wiles of predators. Under the protection of the person less vulnerable reptile and maturing longer.

The increase in the ratio observed at the stage of puberty, due to more rapid wear and tear of the body.

IMPORTANT! The exact relationship with a human age cannot be detected, therefore, the considered values are for informational purposes and are not absolute values.


Despite some inaccuracies, inherent to the considered ways, independent age determination allows to avoid fraud on the part of the seller.

Remember that the longevity of a new pet depends on careful attention, so be sure to observe the following guidelines:

  • make sure that the turtle enough space. To keep the adults in the aquarium for young real torture;
  • be sure to increase the size of the aquarium when the replenishment of the turtle family of 1.5 times for each specimen;
  • follow the water purity and temperature. Reduced immunity and pathogenic microorganisms are the principal causes of infectious diseases;
  • maintain a balanced diet. Vitamin deficiency inhibits growth and increases the vulnerability of the organism against external factors;
  • take care of the presence of a veterinarian that can help reptiles when problems occur. To find a good Herpetology not so simple, and clinics some cities and did not contain such professionals in your state.
How to know how old the turtle trachemys
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