How to multiply and mating aquatic turtles turtles

At what age breed

Aquatic turtles under natural conditions only reproduce when reaching sexual maturity, which occurs only in 6-8 years of age.The growth rate, the formation of the carapace, the presence of annual rings and the characteristic change of the flaps directly depend on the conditions of the keeping of exotic animals. So very arbitrary age of puberty in trachemys turtles is determined by the length of the carapace. Males 5 years of age have a shell length of about 11 cm, and females – not less than 15-17 cm

Difference males from females

Aquatic turtles do not have external sexual characteristics, so for beginners, there are some difficulties in determining the sex of Pets. To establish the gender of reptiles is recommended to perform simultaneous comparison on the following grounds:

  • Length and shape of the carapace. Males have a carapace smaller and narrower than females. The lower part of the shell of the boys has a concave surface, and girls flat.
  • Tail length and shape of the cloaca. Males differ from females by a longer tail, in having the lower third of the cloaca in the form of longitudinal stripes. Females have a short sleek tail at the base of which is the cloaca in the form of a star.
  • The length of the claws. Boys of freshwater turtles blessed with long, sharp claws that are only on the forelegs of males.

After sexing Pets, you can start breeding pond slider turtles. To receive turtle offspring must have at home at least one heterosexual couple reptiles, and better, several girls and one or two boys.

How to prepare for mating

Often to breed pond slider turtles at home is not possible due to the lack of optimal conditions for reproduction of reptiles. To successfully produce offspring, it is recommended to create Pets a comfortable atmosphere:

  • translate for enhanced nutrition with the addition of calcium-rich food, vitamins and fresh herbs;
  • to raise the temperature in the tank to 25-26C;
  • to increase the mode of daylight using the lamp;
  • to exclude all extraneous noise, sounds, close attention.

Best opposite sex of turtles trachemys send in November for the winter – long hibernation, due to which normalizes and synchronizes hormonal balance in males and females.

Mating season and mating

In the home freshwater reptiles can be seen year-round, but most often the red-eared terrapins mate in the spring from March to may. One successful sexual intercourse the female is enough for 4-5 ukladok turtle eggs. There could be several options of meeting heterosexual individuals. If boys and girls separated, for mating one female sits on the territory of the male. In group content it is necessary to carefully observe the behavior of reptiles, if you have any interest in love, the couple must be deposited into a separate aquarium.

Before mating the male slider turtles are very nice caring for any female. A boy swims in front of his "lady" ahead of the tail, and the long claws vibrate when touching the face of his beloved. The mating season at the pond slider turtle is manifested by contact of the shells in the water and on land, as well as the bloody fighting of males for the right to love any girls.

Video: courtship of the male slider turtles for female

Mate the red-eared terrapins in the water, sexual intercourse is about 5-11 minutes, during coitus, the boy hugs the girl back her long claws of the forelimbs. The male during courtship and mating may not release the female on land, so the water level in the aquarium should be no more than 10-12 cm, or a female may drown and die. In the room where an aquarium with a love couple, must be quiet and calm. Stress and loud noises can disrupt the mating process, so not to make noise and pull animals from the aquarium. The water temperature should be not less than 26C.

Video: mating

How long is the pregnancy

After successful fertilization occurs pregnancy slider turtles, which lasts about 60 days. When sharing content male this period it is better to transplant in order to avoid causing harm to the health of mom and the future turtles. Female translate into increased power. Reptile must obtain calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. Towards the end of pregnancy, the female will cycle through feed or even refuse to eat that should not be a reason to panic.

In their natural habitat, freshwater reptiles come ashore to lay their eggs in warm sand. The pregnant turtle, contained in the home, it is recommended to install on the Bank of the aquarium a deep container filled with sand 10-15 cm Animal can lay eggs in the water, but if the owner can't get them within the hour, the embryos will die from lack of air.

Immediately before laying the pregnant turtle begins to dig a nest rear, forming a deep hole with perfectly smooth entrance. Oviposition lasts 5-20 minutes, the female corrects each egg hind legs. The eggs of slider turtles is similar to balls with a diameter of 3 to 4 cm with a soft leathery shell, one laying animal can carry about 5-20 eggs. Eggs, reptile carefully digs a nest, wets it with urine and forgets about their young. Further caring for the kids falls on the shoulders of future owners turtles.

How to care for the eggs

Before breeding pond slider turtles, care should be taken to purchase the incubator for the maturation of small turtles. Though lovers of reptiles successfully grown kids in an ordinary glass jar with sand, subject to maintaining optimal temperature and humidity. To carry eggs can even females contained no males, but they are not within germ turtles.

If your reptile eggs in the sand, they need to be carefully moved to the incubator without changing their original position. If the clutch was done in the water for hours to get eggs, but they have less of a chance to survive. Before placing eggs in the incubator they must enlighten using candling, a flashlight or light bulb for the presence of embryos.

Incubation of eggs ranges from 2 to 5 months, but most often the babies hatch within 103 days. The temperature in the incubator should be maintained at 28-30C, sand should be periodically sprinkled with water. If the soil has bugs, you need to gently change the filler, without changing the initial position of the eggs.

Care for newborn turtles

Kids breaks the shell from within a special egg tooth, but remain for a further 3 days in the shell. No need to rush the process and to extract the newborn from the eggs. Young slider turtles are born with a yolk bag on the abdomen, which self-resolves within a few days. Turtles are born small replicas of adults, and from the first day ready for independent life. Calves it is not recommended to send to the aquarium to my parents turtles do not take care of their offspring and can destroy your own kids.

Newborn for 5 days and still kept in the incubator, and then placed in an aquarium with aged clean water is 28-30C. The kids still do not know how to swim, so the water level must be increased gradually and the first few days to control the behavior of the turtles in the new environment. A prerequisite for the proper growth of young animals is the water filtration system and UV lamp for reptiles with a capacity of 5% UVB.

Closer to 7-8-th day from birth, you can teach kids to adult diet. The turtles give the animal food: Daphnia, gammarus, bloodworm, koretra, fresh herbs, slices of sea fish, shrimp. To natural diet add a vitamin and mineral supplements for reptiles is necessary for proper growth of the skeleton, the carapace and the development of vital organ systems.

The breeding of trachemys turtles is fun only very patient owners and the kids-turtles toy sizes with the first days of life become everyone's favorite.

How to multiply and mating aquatic turtles turtles
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