Games and fun for turtles

The amphibian can be fed on land, placing her food on a specially secured the raft.Reptiles happy to "win" track with obstacles, mazes, because in the apartment next to the person they are experiencing the lack of movement.

New objects placed in its territory, are of interest to the animal. Noticing next to the ball, it begins to nudge his head. Scientists studying the reaction of these reptiles, are inclined to believe that this kind of game. Although some argue that in this situation the animal is just protecting your territory from outsiders.

As toys used by hanging on the ropes items. It is only necessary to choose such that the turtle can't swallow or tear them piece. Trying to "chase" from its territory "new resident", she will push the toy, grab it with your mouth. For such actions it is possible to reward your pet. Realizing that no one claims to its territory, the reptile will continue to play with hanging toys, waiting for encouragement.

With red-turtle you can play on land. Outside of water amphibian can do without harm to health to 2 hours. Therefore, we can remove it from the water and learning to move around the maze or push a bright ball, treating for the right action of seafood (but not more often two times a week).

Important! The reptile owner should know that his reflection in the mirror it perceives as another animal. So never leave a turtle next to the mirror for a long time, it will try to defeat the "intruder" and might get hurt.

Games and fun for turtles
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