How to bathe and wash pond slider turtles

The principles of safe bathing

To wash slider turtle at home, we recommend purchasing a thermometer for the water.It is more convenient to prepare in advance a supply of warm liquid, not to be distracted by the temperature controls, and accidentally scald or not to overcool your pet pet.

Capacity for water treatment should accommodate the animal as a whole. It is desirable that the design did not allow reptiles to get out on their own. Even a small bug is not worth it to wash over the sink the weight. Is the key to the convenience of the owner and will prevent accidental fall.

Dirt wash with a soft sponge or cloth. Use brushes, hard surfaces and abrasive leads to damage of the skin and protective layer of the shell.

The affected areas become vulnerable to fungus and infections. Usually clean water and a soft cloth is enough to bathe a tortoise.

Detergents have a strong odor that will interfere with the animal long after the procedure. Elevated ph dry delicate skin, so wash turtle soap without the pressing need is not worth it. The composition can be toxic to reptiles dyes and fragrances. Persistent dirt is allowed to use baby soap but not more than once a week.

Equipment and techniques

Wash slider turtle easier if she's in a good mood. Hungry pet will bite and fight back. Tame and quiet reptile easy to wash one. If the turtle is not used to humans, you may need an assistant.

Before bathing, prepare in advance:

  • the supply of water;
  • capacity for bathing;
  • thermometer;
  • a rag or soft sponge.
  • towel.

If during the procedure, the planned procedure for cleaning the shell from algae or dirt resistantto the list you want to add special tools.

After the water is prepared, the animal is placed in the pelvis. Dampening the sponge with warm water-gently wipe paws, tail and turtle shell. If necessary, she first put a bit of soap. From detergent reptile should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

It is important to avoid the provisions of reptiles the plastron up, this leads to the ingress of water and soap in the eyes, nostrils and mouth, and often causes resistance.

That's right — after bathing, wipe off the turtle with a dry towel, even if after it to go to the aquarium. It is necessary that the water accidentally got detergents.

If the turtle retracts his head, you can try to pour a thin stream of the front part of the shell with water. The method is suitable only if you have not used soap. Reptiles typically respond by stretching of the neck that allows you to rinse it.

Additives in the water

If the skin noticeable minor inflammation or scratches and to prevent fungus pond slider turtles bathe in manganese. The solution fortress 1% will not harm the animal if not used too often. Potassium permanganate has anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the development of fungal spores.

If tap water is too high chlorine content and it is tough, it is necessary to defend it, or clear filter.

Experienced owners use bath pet decoctions of herbs. Popular conventional Daisy and alder cones. They have a beneficial effect on the skin of a reptile. Plants convenient to brew in a glass and pour in a container through a sieve.

How to bathe and wash pond slider turtles
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