How to find a turtle in the house

If the owner found that the turtle ran away in the house or especially outside, start looking for it right now.Find ward, preferably within a few hours, or at least not later than the next day.

How to find a land turtle

If lost bug, the first step is to explore the most remote places. Usually reptiles like to hide in the corners, among other things, tables, etc. need to See:

  • lockers;
  • corners;
  • the space under the bed/sofa;
  • tables, standing on the floor;
  • balcony;
  • toilet;
  • niches and other ancillary facilities.

During the inspection it is not necessary to drive on the floor with a stick or other hard object, as it may injure the pet. To better equip a flashlight and look for it visually. In the case where the measures taken do not help, it is necessary to operate so:

  1. To turn off the TV, computer and any other devices that make noise. If the turtle is stuck, it will necessarily attempt to free itself. The owner will be able to hear a distinctive shuffling sounds. You can lie down on the floor and put your ear to the surface in a solid medium the sound travels more clearly than in the air.
  2. Find a turtle in the apartment and the lure of her food. To do this, take the dishes with fresh vegetables and herbs and a Cup of water, put a treat in the center of the room. Turtles have well-developed sense of smell, she will come crawling, if not stuck in the gorge.
  3. Near treat, you can sprinkle in the flour, then to the tracks to know where to send the bug after feeding.
  4. If you live in the apartment and the dog, she will likely be able to learn the location of pet odor – you need to carefully observe its behavior.

Cases when the pet lost on the street, the more dangerous the bug can steal, crush and even bite other animals. But to lose hope is not necessary, because the reptile would likely find a quiet, dark place which can live for several months (in the summer).

So even if failed to find her in hot pursuit, you can put up ads about the loss, promising the finder a reward.

Especially effective in the time of dawn. Usually the turtles crawl out to bask, and in the evening hide again in the grass, bushes, and even burrow in the ground.

So if roughly determine the search area and get out there bright and early and there is a high probability that the search will end successfully.

How to find a slider turtle

These types of reptiles are particularly active, often they just run away outside of the container, terrarium or a portable box. If trachemys escaped from the aquarium, you can take similar measures as in the case of land:

  1. Listen to the noises.
  2. To conduct a visual inspection.
  3. To lure food.

Also bug can lure and warmth, with the center of the room a bright incandescent bulb. Simultaneously, it is possible to ventilate the room, the temperature dropped to 18-20oC (but not below). It is important to consider that gender is cooled stronger than the overlying air, so the temperature should be measured exactly at the bottom.

Find turtle house is quite simple, the main condition – to begin the search immediately. If the pet lost on the street, it can not be left unattended. In this case, she faces a lot more dangers, and the risk of loosing turtle forever increases significantly.

How to find a turtle in the house
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