Nail trimming turtles and tortoises

What turtles need to be processed claws

The procedure is applied to aquatic species and their terrestrial relatives.Claws play a huge role in the life of a turtle, they help to travel not only on land but also water. Excessive cutting could have a negative impact on the ability to swim.

Attention! To cut kogteva plates turtles, leading exclusively aquatic lifestyle, is not recommended. Long claws make it easy to move them under water, and the butchering of the food.

The treatment process

Nail trimmer as land and sea turtles, the following items:

  • manicure nail file;
  • tweezers pedicure, manicure possible.

In the pet store you can buy nail clipper.

Visually reptile claws are composed of two parts:

1. Dark – located near the bottom, it contains nerve endings and blood vessels.
2. Light consists of keratinized nogtevyh plates.

Circumcision is a subject that is bright part. Procedure must be performed with great care, trying not to damage dark area, and not to provoke bleeding. If this happens, the wound will need to be treated with cotton wool soaked with hydrogen peroxide. When clipping the claws should follow the "Golden mean" in order not to harm the animal, and to facilitate its movement.

Kogteva plate cut tweezers small pieces, being careful not to overdo it. With a nail file give normal form, eliminating the resulting irregularities.

If for some reason to cut the claws of the tortoise in the home does not work, you can use the services of a veterinarian of Herpetology. An experienced specialist will perform quality processing of claws, and optionally the beak, well-cleaned armor, and, if necessary, and plastron.

Video: the process of cutting the claws of tortoises

What if the turtle claw is broken

The reptiles depend on the depth of the fracture. If not corrupted by a dark area, enough claw to trim and rasp the nail with a nail file. If damaged blood vessels, causing bleeding, you will need to use the human hemostatic preparations. Rasp kogteva plate in this situation is impossible!

If broken and bleeding half of the claw, be sure to remove the broken off part. It would be better when this procedure is executed by the veterinarian in terms of blades. After hemostasis, the wound was treated. To prevent breakage of the claws, you need to eliminate factors that may provoke injury.

Causes of excessive growth of claws

There are two factors contributing to the growth of the cornea in turtles:

  • use a reptile soft, protein-rich foods;
  • in the aquaterrarium, the litter consists of sawdust, sand or other soft components.

Not to cut the Horny plates too often, you need to take care of the comfort of the accommodation and diet of your pet. The turtle will need to organize the rocky bottom, allowing the grind down nails on their own.

Nail trimming turtles and tortoises
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