How to display slider or a land tortoise out of hibernation

In order to bring the slider turtle out of hibernation, after the step of raising the temperature in vivariums, recommended during the week to bathe the animal every day for 40-60 minutes in warm water.These measures are aimed at restoring the necessary amounts of fluid and stimulation of protective forces of an organism of reptiles.

Ultraviolet irradiation

After waking up to water and land turtles for 10-12 hours include a source of ultraviolet radiation for reptiles.


If all actions on the awakening of reptiles carried out smoothly and correctly, and 5-7 days after coming out of hibernation pet will start to eat independently.

Not always the process of withdrawal of reptiles from hibernation runs smoothly, it is recommended immediately consult a doctor in the following situations:

  • after increasing the temperature the animal does not Wake up;
  • the pet does not depart the urine;
  • the turtle is not eating;
  • have reptiles don't open the eyes;
  • the animal's tongue is bright red.

The most important for breeding turtles out of hibernation – it's warm, the lighting and the patience of the owner. After correct awakening reptiles continue to enjoy life and please all family members.

How to display slider or a land tortoise out of hibernation
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