Where it is possible to place turtles and tortoises


This is the most disgusting act that man can commit against a living creature.

Releasing "into the wild" exotic reptile, unaccustomed to this climate, tantamount to murder.

Leave in the box in the entrance or on the street

Often around the garbage cans on the Playground or in the stairwell, you can find abandoned Pets, from which the former owners decided to get rid of.It could end tragically for reptiles.

To give to friends

You can give the turtle the people that are willing to take care of her.

Important! First you need to make sure that such surprises will not cause trouble for the female. If she doesn't need to be there, who knows what will the people who received such an unexpected and unnecessary gift.

To sell on Craigslist

Land or sea, turtle often buy on Craigslist or other sites. You can place an ad in the newspaper – it is also effective way.

Not worth much to overcharge you. If you can't sell it there you can make a PostScript "give". It's a loss, but people who want to have a pet, but don't have the money, will be very happy with the purchase. And the former owner can be sure that his pet is in good hands.

To offer in the office or the Conservatory

It's very fashionable to include corporate pet. You need only walk to offices, shops, salons and offer a water turtle along with the equipment and aquarium. You take care of a reptile is easy, and the office will be transformed.

To donate to the zoo

Here too, you can attach slider turtles and land. Today zoos have special rooms where exposed in aquariums with fish, amphibians, and even spiders.

To give to the pet store

Tortoises listed in the Red book, so many store owners do not accept these animals for fear of punishment. But slider to attach this way really.

Where it is possible to place turtles and tortoises
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