Why trachemys doesn't go to land (the island)

The behavior of the pet is often a concern caring owners.Refusal to leave to land may be due to incorrectly installed equipment aquarium:

  • the island is heavily favored over the water — a small pond slider turtle just can't get out to the shore or shelf; it is better to put a temporary island smaller or pour more water to raise the level;
  • powerful bulb or its low position — reptile doesn't get to the stones because they are strongly heated; it is necessary to hang the lamp higher(the temperature under it should not exceed 33 degrees) and be sure to equip the shaded area where the turtle can hide in case of overheating;
  • improperly selected material to the surface of shelves or a ladder too slippery or uncomfortable for turtles, so she falls when trying to climb up; you can replace the ladder or to make the surface rough, glue small pebbles or sand;

Sometimes the reason can be personality and anxiety — turtle climbs on the island because it scares new location or in the room home. In this case, the pet usually prefers to bask under the lights when no one is home, so you need to leave the lights on when leaving.

Possible danger

If the turtle doesn't get to the shore, to completely dry the shell between the flaps will begin to breed bacteria, can develop fungus. Also in the hours when the pet is heated under a lamp, there is an active phase of digestion. So if the turtle sits in water, it can impair digestion, especially if the temperature in the tank is low.

To avoid these unpleasant consequences it is possible to dry the turtle yourself. To do this every few days to isolate it in a separate container under the lamp (because it is obligatory to make a shaded corner). If the carapace is covered with bloom and slime, you need to gently clean it using a soft sponge with a drop of lemon juice.

Why trachemys doesn't go to land (the island)
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