Transport turtle transport, rules of transportation in the winter

Sometimes the owners there is a problem: need to move a turtle in connection with the move or just because during the trip you do not want to part with family pet.Therefore, before flight it is necessary to ask whether the rules of the chosen company to transport the turtles in the passenger compartment.

Important! It is impossible to perform the carriage of reptiles in Luggage, as they face death from hypothermia, pressure drop or lack of oxygen.

If the airline received the answer that the passage of turtles in the cabin is allowed, you need to take care of all the necessary supporting documents.

The necessary information to bring an exotic pet in the passenger cabin.

Before the flight, be care of some important documents. Without their presence in the cabin the pet will not be allowed. This:

  • document confirming the origin of the animal;
  • permission to import and export exotic animal if the flight is planned outside of Russia;

  • a certificate indicating that the reptile is not included in the Red book;
  • veterinary certificate on health status of turtles.

The list is quite big, so sometimes it's easier to abandon the flight and to give preference to transporting reptiles on the machine.

Carriage turtle train

Pets are usually transported in special wagons. The important fact is the presence of certificates from veterinarians. Problems can arise only in those cases, if you have to cross the border – then the list of accompanying documents is much wider (this detail is given above in the Chapter about the transportation of animals in aircraft).

The nuances associated with how to carry a turtle on the train, relate to care for the pet during this period.

Care should be taken to the container for transport. For fresh air in the walls you need to drill holes. Inside, you have to put wet cloth. The bottom should be dry with absorbent paper toilet, paper.

Important! The day before the trip and during it, if the road will not take more than 3 days, the reptile is not recommended to feed. These reptiles can easily tolerate abstinence from food. But problems the owner will be much less.

Transportation in the car

This method of travel is the most comfortable for the pet. The ability to stop at any time and a short "grazing" on the grass along the road will be very handy.

If in the car the temperature rises to 28 degrees, the animal is required to spray clean water.

Important! To move the turtle in the car, only in the cabin, but in any case not in the Luggage compartment.

When severe cold is recommended to hide pet under your clothes to warm human warmth.

Winter travel with the turtles

These reptiles are thermophilic. If the move is planned in the winter, is to insulate the kennel and do in the walls of the openings for entry of air.

The bottom of the box veiled by cloth, pieces of toilet paper or sawdust. In the winter between the fabric and the bottom is placed a heating pad below the animal is not overcooled. If there is a need to transport a turtle in the winter, and the duration of the trip exceeds a day, it is recommended to use the salt water bottle that retains heat for longer.

It is better to cancel the trip in forty-degree frost – low temperatures can severely harm the health of the animal, even be fatal.

Experts advise to carry the turtles down the street not in the box, and under the jacket closer to the body, wrapping the pet in fabric. In this cozy "nest" the danger of hypothermia is equal to zero.

Important! It is recommended to refrain from feeding your reptiles during transport, if it takes at least 3 days.

Problems carriage slider turtles

Transportation land reptiles are less complex than water. However, experts hasten to reassure owners of trachemys turtles.

Important! Move slider turtle in the plane can be outside the aquarium: adults aged without the usual habitat of 48-72 hours.

But the most convenient transportation of terrapins remains transported them in a specially constructed for this plastic container with water. You can buy them in pet stores.

But to transfer the animal on the street in sub-zero temperatures is most convenient for me. Then, once in the interior of the car or the plane, the reptile is placed in a familiar environment.

Transport turtle transport, rules of transportation in the winter
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