How and when Central Asian land turtles hibernate at home

In the natural conditions of hibernation for many species of turtles – it is quite normal.A Wake-up call is all the same temperature, which begins to grow. At home natural processes are violated, and the right to enter and withdraw an animal from a state of suspended animation only experienced terrariumistics.

The pros and cons of hibernation

When tortoises hibernate in winter and reduce the number of heart rate, breathing becomes barely audible and reduced metabolism. This allows you to retain accumulated nutrients and water, which are consumed at a minimum. Suspended animation is helpful for the health of the animal:

  • maintained a balance of hormones due to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • increases sexual activity of males;
  • the females normal and in time formed the egg;
  • increases the possibility of obtaining offspring;
  • controlled weight gain.

When properly organized winter the tortoise may die or awaken the patient. If the animal is sick, on the eve of hibernation it needs to be cured, or to cancel the dream. Sick and just brought reptiles do not enter into suspended animation.

Sleep duration or cancellation

Usually the turtles are at home sleeping in the winter. On average, this period lasts for 6 months (October to March) in adults, young sleeping 2 months. But these numbers can vary based on the specific conditions of: hibernation can last 4 weeks or sleep will be delayed up to 4 months. Tortoise in hibernation is on average 1/3 of the year.

Note: the Turtle is desirable to lull to in February, with the growth of daylight, came to themselves, gradually moving to an active lifestyle.

So the turtle does not hibernate, it is necessary to monitor the high temperature in the terrarium and frequent water treatments. If it becomes inactive, need to have a course of vitamin injections, or to enter into the diet dietary Supplements. Not to allow the turtle to hibernate – error, as the animal weakens and feels bad, it disrupts the normal physiological rhythms.

How to help the turtle to sleep?

First you need to determine how the reptile that is ready to fall asleep:

  • she is badly fed;
  • constantly hiding its head in the shell;
  • becomes inactive;
  • constantly looking for a secluded place;
  • sits in the corner or digging the soil to create a "winter sanctuary".

It is a signal that the pet is tired and ready for winter sleep. It is necessary to conduct the preparations to the dream was complete and the animal felt good.

Note: you Should know the species and subspecies of reptiles of his room, to be firmly convinced that for this type of hibernation is a normal physiological process. There are species that do not sleep in the nature, then at home the dream they are contraindicated.

Hibernate the Central Asian land tortoises at home, if you carry out the following preparatory work:

  1. Before the "winter", its need to feed and offer more fluids to replenish fat reserves and water before bed.
  2. 2 weeks prior to dream land bathe the reptile in warm water and stop feeding, but give water. The intestines should be completely excluded from your meals.
  3. Then start decreasing daylength and lower temperature. Do it gradually so the turtle does not have a cold and got sick.
  4. Prepare a plastic container with holes for air, which will serve as a "hole for the winter". It should not be large, because sleeping animals sedentary.
  5. The bottom is covered with wet sand and a layer of dry moss up to 30 cm On the moss put a bug and throw dry leaves or hay. You need to ensure that the humidity of the substrate, but it is fully to get wet he should not.
  6. The container for a couple of days left at room temperature, and then put in a cool place (+5-+8C). Will approach the corridor at the entrance or closed, a little heated loggia, without drafts.

Tip: When an animal falls asleep, it needs to constantly inspect and spray the soil to maintain desired moisture content. Look at the container preferably every 3-5 days. Once in a month and a half reptile weighed. Normally, if it loses mass in the range of 10%.

As turtles go to sleep in the ground?

It happens that in the room it is difficult to create suitable for the winter conditions. Then, when warm winters in the southern latitudes are satisfied with "house" in the garden.

Hardwood, dense box slightly prikopat in the ground and insulated with straw and foliage. The bottom is filled with sawdust and a thick layer of sphagnum moss. Here, the bug may take a while to sleep without fear of predators (box covered with mesh).

Hibernation in the fridge

Another variant of the device "for the winter" — to put a box turtle on a shelf of a refrigerator. It is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • a large volume of the refrigerator;
  • in the box the animal can not place the products;
  • the box cannot be moved close to the walls, where it is much cooler;
  • airing out the refrigerator, briefly opening the door;
  • to maintain the temperature at +4 to+7C.

If there is a basement, it is also suitable for wintering reptiles. It is important to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

Gentle sleep mode

There is such a thing: to warm hibernation, when the animal is partially asleep and some time is at rest. It's called "wintering in a sparing mode". In the terrarium fall asleep moisture-holding soil from the moss, sawdust, peat to a height of 10 cm. This compound maintains moisture.

Light mode is 2-3 hours a day, and then create complete darkness for about two weeks. The average temperature is kept at around +16-18C. When the winter is winding down and conditions are changing, a little reptile comes alive and she is offered food.

Tip: What to do if tortoise has gone into hibernation without the help of a master? It must be removed from the terrarium and place in the appropriate for "wintering" conditions.

Signs of hibernation

To understand that tortoise has gone into hibernation, it is possible on several grounds:

  • it is inactive and almost stopped moving;
  • eyes closed;
  • head, legs and tail are not involved, are outside;
  • breathing is not audible.

Central Asian tortoise in hibernation may slightly move his limbs, but not move. Usually the animal absolutely still. Signs of hibernation of tortoises similar to the signs of death, so sometimes lovers of Pets trying to find out: live turtle or she is sleeping? Care during this period should not only regularly check its condition.


After 3-4 months of sleep decorative reptile wakes up alone. How to determine that the turtle woke up? She opens his eyes and begins to move extremities. The first few days the animal is not actively involved, and then comes to normal.

If a pet does not Wake up, it should be moved to terrarium, where it's warm (+20-+22C), and go to the normal light mode. When the turtle looks weak, emaciated and inactive, will help warm bath.

Then give the turtle food that she loves. The first few days of eating it interests a little. If on the 5th day food "is not for the future" and the animal refuses a meal, you need to consult a veterinarian.

Possible errors when creating conditions for wintering

Turtles can go into hibernation, but not to get out of it, if the owner committed the following errors:

  • in bed sick or weak reptile;
  • did not support a sufficient level of humidity;
  • allowed to change the temperature;
  • did not notice parasites in the litter, which could damage the shell;
  • woke her during this period, and then put to sleep again.

Even one of these defects may lead to the death of the animal and your favorite will not Wake up.

Sleep in the home needed a turtle, or he'd lose biological rhythms. The owner must take all necessary steps to pass successfully. No one better than the owner does not know your pet. You just need to observe the turtle to her well-being was always under control.

Video: on the preparation for the winter

How and when Central Asian land turtles hibernate at home
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