What die turtles how to determine the death of a pet

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Unfortunately, the age when the content in the home is dying only 2% of turtles.40% of the causes of deaths of turtles have, for a violation of conditions of feeding and maintenance at home, 48% for neglect of animals during transport and storage in pet stores. Many people acquire already sick exhausted the reptile, which has no chance of survival.

How to understand that the turtle is dead

To understand that the red or Central Asian tortoise dies, it is possible to change the behavior of reptiles. Signs of deadly diseases unusual Pets are the following symptoms:

Old reptiles can die in their sleep without prior clinical symptoms of disease, to know in advance the possible date of the death of a pet in this case is impossible. Often there are situations when the recently active turtle suddenly ceases to show signs of life. Wild reptiles in autumn and summer, go dormantto survive unfavorable periods. This natural instinct remains and have Pets, so not to bury the animal alive is necessary to check whether a turtle.

To determine that the turtle is dead and is not in hibernation, you can use the following methods:

  1. Checking the corneal reflex. Live reptile in response to the touch a metal object to the cornea reflex draws the organ of sight in the orbit or eye-opening. In the absence of a response it can be assumed the death of the animal.
  2. The definition of respiration. If you carefully observe the nostrils of the sleeping reptiles, you can see their little flutter. You can put the mirror at the beak reptiles from humid exhaled air it will fog up. Lack of breath is the evidence of the death of the animal.
  3. The position of the limbs and head. Sleeping with the turtles caught in the shell of legs and head, muscle tone can only exist in a living being. If the limbs and neck are hanging, most likely, the reptile died.
  4. Pulling the lower jaw. You can gently pull down the lower jaw, which in a healthy animal when releasing the hand have a reflex to close. Open jaw is the evidence of rigor Mortis of the animal.
  5. The reaction to the water in aquatic types of turtles. When placed in a freshwater or marine reptiles in the water with temperature 30-31C, the animal begins to move extremities. The absence of such a reaction often indicates the death of a pet.
  6. The definition of the color of the oral mucosa. When opening jaw it is recommended to inspect the oral cavity of a pet. In the living animal the color of the mucosa is pink, the corpse – light gray.
  7. The appearance of putrid smell. If after 2-3 days from the rest of the animal odor of putrid decomposition, to doubt the death of reptiles is not necessary.

Before acquiring an exotic pet, it is recommended to carefully study the features of the physiology, feeding and care of unusual animals. Due to the physiological features of reptiles can be difficult to identify the signs of the death of a pet, sleeping pet looks like a dead turtle. In order to avoid irreparable consequences if there are doubts that the turtle is dead, should contact Herpetology.

What die turtles how to determine the death of a pet
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