The intelligence of rats

Among all animals, especially rats, are considered the most intelligent, despite the fact that the volume of their brain is extremely small.Their survival skills are amazing. All this leads to the conclusion that rats are smart animals.

Mental abilities

Because of the survivability and genetic similarity with humans is their use as experimental animals. For survival they will use all their mental potential. Smart rats get the information they need unknown ways, they are able to remember the surrounding terrain, as if focusing on the internal brain map. Thorough research allowed us to determine that:

  • rats are able to identify and remember some of the most convenient routes for the passage from his lair to the place where food is stored. One colony is able to inflict enormous harm to the household. It is believed that one out of six farmers is producing food not for people but for rats;
  • the intelligence of the rats gives you the opportunity to identify a hazard, and to study the experience of their fellows. Seeing that someone of the brethren poisoned eaten food, the rat will not eat dangerous food. In the same way they react to the trap or the presence of predators;
  • although rats are very intelligent, it was found that they quickly forget the information. Scientists gave the animals the opportunity to pass on a certain route through the pipes and the holes with the purpose of obtaining food. Next, the path overlap for a while, and then it opened again. The animal has forgotten the route, and again sniffed all the holes to find food.

Apparently, features of the intelligence of a rat do not allow her to remember large amounts of information, so they keep in memory only what is essential for survival. They easily solve complex trap, quickly realizing how to avoid death and to get food. If we are talking about food, they are extremely creative. Theoretically, all it can and pet rat, but living in a small cage, they do not apply them.

Interesting facts

There are many stories about the abilities of rats, and how they use their skills and intelligence to produce food. One of the most famous is the case when creating a living ladder, they fell in a container of vegetable oil for a few hours and removed all content. Many interesting facts were learned by the scientist during the research:

  • conventional and decorative rats are easily trained. The prototypes has managed to learn to climb stairs, and lift them to climb higher. Motivation for the climb was a treat, located on the top shelf;
  • after a few hundred runs Pets learn to navigate even the most intricate spaces. This ability they do not lose, even deprived of sight, hearing or sense of smell. At the time of the experiments their feet are made insensitive, but they still achieved the desired result;
  • rats are able to identify and determine the approximate value of the drawn shapes. If the figure promises them a treat, they identified him by performing the required action. Resizing the image or its inclusion in another structure not throw the rats off.

These and other experiments clearly show the power of the rat's intelligence and their unique abilities.

How many chromosomes in rats

In its genome the rats really resemble a human. Consider the genetics of rodents and primates as close relatives, as confirmed by paleontology. A detailed comparison showed that human and rat are 80% identical genes.

Perhaps it is the number of chromosomes gives them their exceptional mental ability, although from a scientific point of view, this phenomenon is not surprising. It is known that all mammals, including humans, are descended from small lizard – of Theriodonts. Rodents and primates were divided into separate branches about 30 million years ago, but in between left a lot in common.

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The intelligence of rats
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