Why rat licks

Forums and resources in the format of "question-answer" can be found to seek confirmation from new owner on why the rat licks hand.They tend to sleep, forming a single ball, compete for treats, just to play.

Life in society formed in rats behavioural patterns. They are touching groom each other, licking their tails and ears on brushing the skin. Such actions – Recalling her childhood, when kids take care of the mother. Group grooming means that the rat community healthy, happy and experiencing positive emotions.

The smell of treats

The host, which was left with the delightful aroma of rat treats or stuck piece of food, can be confident that the pet will pay attention to it. Rats lick hands, trying to eat the "Goodies". However, some owners to communicate with pet thoroughly washed, eliminating any odors, but the animals still tend to lick the skin. This is due to the behavioral characteristics of the "schooling" of rodents.

Relationship with the owner

Attachment to the representatives of their species – distinctive feature, which differs from home rat. This means that they can tolerate such behavior model, and the owner who feeds them and provides comfort.

When the rat licks hand, the hair of his master, it demonstrates the desire of the rodent to care for the person. In most cases, such action – the response to scratching of the cheeks and nape. Some individuals engage in "wykonywanie": they are neatly plucked, and teeth gently biting fingers. That's true love and affection of the animal to the owner. A number of individuals go on licking the cheeks, ears and trying to Shine to Polish glasses.

Not every pet rat licks. "Loving" depends on a number of factors:

  • the nature of the beast;
  • the degree of love for the owner;
  • the specific interaction of the owner with the pet and the frequency of communication.

When a person has the desire and ability to devote significant time pet eroset hair, stroking, the rodent will reciprocate and demonstrate full trust and great love for the host, writing it to members of their own pack.

Why rat licks
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